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News: Tahya explains what it’s like to be a Lev­el 3 appren­tice for Not­ting­ham City Hospital

Tahya Square

Tahya Fells is cur­rent­ly work­ing as a Senior Health­care Sup­port Work­er at the City Hos­pi­tal and was a recent award win­ner at our 2022 Appren­tice­ship Awards.

She’s a year into her Lev­el 3 role at Not­ting­ham Uni­ver­si­ty Hos­pi­tals (NUH) after decid­ing that she want­ed a more hands-on approach to learn­ing and under­tak­ing a apprenticeship.

An appren­tice­ship can be a fan­tas­tic route into a health­care career and we cur­rent­ly have a num­ber of appren­tice­ship vacan­cies with­in the health sec­tor avail­able to apply for on our web­site.

Appren­tice­ships give you a mixed approach to learn­ing a new skill – com­bin­ing prac­ti­cal work with tra­di­tion­al, the­o­ry-based study.

Our Senior Health­care Sup­port Work­er appren­tice­ship spans a range of health­care areas, such as adult nurs­ing, mater­ni­ty, men­tal health, the­atre sup­port and more. In these roles, you will be assist­ing hos­pi­tals with a range of car­ing tasks. In Tahya’s case, she pro­vides sup­port on an admis­sions unit where she deals with short-stay med­ical admissions. 

In the morn­ing the patients come to us before they go to the­atre. So, we’ll do their obser­va­tions, get them changed, send them off to the­atre and then we’ll take their belong­ings to the ward. Because of the pan­dem­ic, we often get sent to help at the wards. So, in the morn­ing you’d do a han­dover, you’d find out which bay you’re assigned to, you’d help wash the patient and every cou­ple of hours you would have to do turns.

Obser­va­tions would be things like tak­ing their pulse and their blood pres­sure. On my ward you also have to do a stand­ing blood pres­sure read­ing as well, just in case it drops, as it cre­ates a risk of falling after theatre.”

Tahya Square 2

Each appren­tice­ship we offer is dif­fer­ent and may require a set lev­el of expe­ri­ence or cer­tain qual­i­fi­ca­tions. For exam­ple, the Senior Health­care Sup­port Work­er appren­tice­ship requires you to have Eng­lish and Maths qual­i­fi­ca­tions, either as a GCSE or Func­tion­al Skills qual­i­fi­ca­tion. Our appren­tice­ship team will be able to sup­port you in your appli­ca­tion and put you onto rel­e­vant cours­es, such as Func­tion­al Skills if you do not already meet the entry requirements.

We asked Tahya about who she thought would suit a Senior Health­care Sup­port Work­er appren­tice­ship and what led her to choose the appren­tice­ship herself. 

I was doing Health and Social at col­lege and I found it very inter­est­ing. I’ve always want­ed to look after peo­ple and care for them the best I can. If you’re con­sid­er­ing this appren­tice­ship, I’d say that you’ve got to want to look after peo­ple. Han­dling per­son­al care isn’t the eas­i­est thing to do, so you must be a nat­u­ral­ly car­ing person.”

A role in health­care can be very reward­ing. If you’re look­ing for a career where you will be able to make a dif­fer­ence in soci­ety, by help­ing oth­ers, it’s worth talk­ing to us about the appren­tice­ships we have avail­able.

The best part of my job is being able to help the patients. When I help with wash­ing patients in the morn­ing, it’s real­ly reward­ing to see them look­ing and feel­ing bet­ter. When they come into the ward, they can also be a bit ner­vous so it’s nice to be able to talk to them and make them feel more relaxed. I’m so glad I chose this appren­tice­ship to do.”

You get so many oppor­tu­ni­ties here. I’ve been into the­atre to watch oper­a­tions, I’ve been over to the Queen’s cam­pus to work in dif­fer­ent wards…you gain a lot of expe­ri­ences, rather than just hear­ing about them. 

Tahya Fells — Senior Health­care Sup­port Worker

This appren­tice­ship can lead to a vari­ety of roles and in most cas­es, you will be able to progress onto a full-time job straight away. For those that need a lit­tle more time or more expe­ri­ence to help them decide on a career path, Not­ting­ham Uni­ver­si­ty Hos­pi­tals offers a tem­po­rary staffing ser­vice called NHSP.

At the minute, I don’t know what spe­cial­i­ty I want to go into so I’m just observ­ing as much as I can to help me decide. Once I fin­ish this course, I’ll look into some­thing called NHSP, where you can pick up shifts online in a vari­ety of wards. So, you can go into a wide range of departments.”

Are you an employer looking to hire an apprentice or up-skill your workforce?

We offer a com­pre­hen­sive range of busi­ness solu­tions to help you realise your work­force poten­tial. Whether you are look­ing to recruit appren­tices, train your exist­ing staff or address any skills gaps; we can work with you to devel­op what you need.

Published on:
  • 7th April 2022 (9:34 AM)
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