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News: What is the dif­fer­ence between school and college?

Places still remaining for September.
Places still remaining for September.

Think­ing about col­lege, but not sure whether it is for you? Have a read of the below about how Col­lege dif­fers to school.

Col­lege is all about that next step in your life and your jour­ney to becom­ing an adult. If you have had enough of school and are ready for some­thing dif­fer­ent then col­lege is the place for you. It will be an excit­ing, new chal­lenge where you will flour­ish and get your­self on that right path to ensure you’re future ready!

1. Less for­mal

There are lots of lit­tle things the makes col­lege feel that lit­tle less for­mal than school. Some­thing as sim­ple as being on first name terms with your teach­ers. No more Miss or Sir which might feel a bit strange at first but you will soon get used to it and build up a real­ly good rela­tion­ship with your teach­ers. For many of our cours­es, there is no uni­form either! It is not a school, so no Year 7’s run­ning around caus­ing hav­oc, just stu­dents your age and old­er. It is our belief that all of these lit­tle things help you feel more com­fort­able and there­fore allow you to learn bet­ter and reach your full potential.

    2. Facil­i­ties

    Col­lege is a lot big­ger than school which means big­ger and bet­ter facil­i­ties. We have dif­fer­ent cam­pus­es spe­cial­is­ing in dif­fer­ent sub­jects. Whether that be at our spe­cial­ist con­struc­tion work­shops at Bas­ford, our ded­i­cat­ed Art & Design stu­dios at Stoney Street or our impres­sive Engi­neer­ing work­spaces at High­fields. Not to men­tion our City Hub cam­pus in the heart of Not­ting­ham which fea­tures a 200 seat the­atre, gourmet train­ing restau­rant, state of the art class­rooms, amaz­ing social areas, dance stu­dios, a repli­ca air­line cab­in, our brand new Dig­i­tal Media Cen­tre and much more!

    Did you know we are invest­ing mil­lions of pounds into our facil­i­ties over the com­ing year? A sim­u­lat­ed hos­pi­tal ward, state-of-the-art sci­ence facil­i­ties and our brand new Dig­i­tal Media Cen­tre which is set to open this aca­d­e­m­ic year, are just a few exam­ples!

    These facil­i­ties are designed to give you hands-on, prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence in what­ev­er course you may be study­ing to pre­pare you for a career in that indus­try. Take a look at this video below where stu­dent Sher­pan explains how the engi­neer­ing facil­i­ties at our High­fields Cam­pus are help­ing his career goals.

    3. More inde­pen­dence

    At col­lege you are treat­ed more like an Adult and giv­en more free­dom. No bells for lessons which means that you have more respon­si­bil­i­ty and can take con­trol of your own time man­agement. You can also come and go as you please between lessons. We do encour­age you to make use of your cam­pus learn­ing cen­tre’s and study spaces in between lessons, but with many of our cam­pus­es being based in cen­tral loca­tions, many in Not­ting­ham City Cen­tre, there’s lots of options to explore dur­ing your lunch breaks and free time.

    Choose to study what you enjoy!

    For­get all those sub­jects you didn’t like or enjoy at school. For­get all those teach­ers who didn’t inspire you or moti­vate you. This is the first time you can just focus on the sub­ject and course area that inter­ests you, that moti­vates you, that excites you — whether that is Games Design or Sport or Hair & Beau­ty or any of the oth­er many of options avail­able. You come to col­lege because you enjoy it and want to progress in your cho­sen course/​career – no one is forc­ing you to be here like school. 

    With the widest range of cours­es and study options for school leavers in the region, the choice is yours! You can choose to study what­ev­er you are inter­est­ed in. Whether that’s an aca­d­e­m­ic route such as A Lev­els, one of our huge vari­ety of voca­tion­al, hands on cours­es, or an appren­tice­ship where you earn a salary whilst learning!

    If you’re join­ing us as a school leaver and meet the entry require­ments for Maths and Eng­lish you won’t have to con­tin­ue study­ing them (unless you choose to). If you did­n’t pass (don’t pan­ic it’s not the end of the world) we will sup­port you to con­tin­ue study­ing them until you pass. You can usu­al­ly do this along­side your cho­sen course/​s.

      Meet­ing new peo­ple

      It can be daunt­ing at first but our stu­dents all say that one of the best things about com­ing to col­lege is meet­ing new peo­ple! Because you have all cho­sen to be here and are study­ing a sub­ject that inter­ests you, you’ll be with like­mind­ed peo­ple!

      It is impor­tant to remem­ber that every­one is in the same boat and have all come from dif­fer­ent schools across the city, the coun­ty and even fur­ther away. Being new is some­thing you all have in common.

      Hear from our staff and stu­dents at our High Pave­ment Sixth Form!

        Step­ping out of your com­fort zone

        It can be easy to fol­low the crowd and choose some­thing because your friends have, how­ev­er col­lege is a fan­tas­tic oppor­tu­ni­ty to step out of your com­fort zone! Choos­ing a course that inter­ests you, that you will enjoy, will ben­e­fit you in the future. When you join us, we do every­thing we can to ensure you receive a warm wel­come and set­tle into your course and new sur­round­ings quickly.

        We have lots of sup­port avail­able too! Our Pas­toral Tutors and Well­be­ing Team are on hand to help and each stu­dent has an allo­cat­ed amount of tuto­r­i­al time each week, cov­er­ing all things from study tips and team chal­lenges to social action projects and fundraising. 

          Extra-cur­ric­u­lar oppor­tu­ni­ties

          When you join us you will quick­ly dis­cov­er all the amaz­ing extra-cur­ric­u­lar activ­i­ties there are to get involved with. 

          • Sports Teams
          • Year­ly Wel­come Fairs
          • Soci­eties
          • Stu­dent Union
          • Trips — both in the UK and abroad!
          • Course Rep opportunities 
          • and much more.…

          Did you know that we received fund­ing from The Tur­ing Scheme, the UK gov­ern­ments study abroad pro­gramme to run ful­ly fund­ed study abroad trips for our stu­dents over the next 3 years? Stu­dents have recent­ly returned from Nepal, Thai­land, The Nether­lands and Italy! 

          You can see more over on our Tik­Tok channel. 

          There's still time to join us this September!

          It’s not too late to secure your place with us for Sep­tem­ber — we have lim­it­ed places still remain­ing and we’re enrolling now! 

          Published on:
          • 30th August 2022 (2:03 PM)
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