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News: Guest blog: staying motivated – what works for Harriet

Please note: This news story may contain information that is no longer current or up to date.

In this guest blog from Business student Harriet, she shares what she's doing to keep herself on track with her studies at Nottingham College.

During this period of remote learning, different things work for different people, but Harriet has shared her tips to help give you some ideas. 

1. Make a checklist

To do list with numbers beneath it

I have my top three priorities for the day which I write down on my notepad. That avoids me falling into a slump and gives a little bit of motivation. 

2. Tidy your space

Picture of a desk with a laptop, pencil case, folder and other equipment on
I try to keep my workspace organised.

Have a designated workspace if you can. I work at a desk and I think a tidy space is a tidy mind! So, wherever you do your work, try and keep the space tidy.

3. Manage your study time

Jayne Harding, Lecturer for Business and Law, has been recording videos for students, which they can then discuss.

For me, when I’m watching a recorded lecture for example, I make sure I don’t pause the video. Instead, I watch it and jot notes down from what the Lecturer is saying, like I would at College. That way, I’m not pausing and writing every single word down, which would take me hours!

4. Maintain a routine

Rise and shine image

I think keeping up with your daily routine, as if you were in College, is important if you can. Like not waking up at 2pm would be my advice! Don’t hang around in your pyjamas or stay in bed all day if you want to stay motivated. 

5. Look forward

I think it is important to think about your future career to keep motivated. For example, in your spare time you could look at future college or uni courses, or apprenticeships. It helps you remember there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

6. Finally... banish the phone!

No phones sign

Last but not least, my top tip is to stay away from your phone while you’re working! I definitely found that difficult myself, but if you put it in another room or on aeroplane mode, it helps! Otherwise you’re just on your phone instead of doing your work.

Thank you Harriet!

Published on:
  • 5th May 2020 (3:23 PM)
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