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News: Mil­lions in Gov­ern­ment fund­ing help­ing Not­ting­ham Col­lege to expand its train­ing offer

Col­leges are cen­tral to the growth of our local, region­al and nation­al econ­o­my. They deliv­er train­ing and skills that employ­ers need so that young peo­ple and adults can leave col­lege and go into jobs and careers in indus­tries that are thriv­ing and growing.

But, what about the jobs of the future? Young peo­ple now will be work­ing in jobs that don’t yet exist. Col­leges have to stay one step ahead and deliv­er train­ing for skills that employ­ers will need next year and in 3 – 5 years’ time.

Thanks to some Gov­ern­ment fund­ing, secured by Not­ting­ham Col­lege, we are deliv­er­ing train­ing for the future!

With­in Not­ting­ham College’s City Hub cam­pus, we’re cur­rent­ly build­ing a brand new Dig­i­tal Broad­cast Cen­tre that will offer high­er lev­el train­ing in pod­cast­ing, vod­cast­ing, VFX, games design, TV and Film pro­duc­tion and edit­ing, web and graph­ic design, motion graph­ics and ani­ma­tion. Stu­dents enrolling this sum­mer will be ben­e­fit­ing from this new cen­tre from this September.

Gov­ern­ment fund­ing, to the tune of over £1m is also being used to devel­op a new lab­o­ra­to­ry sci­ence and inno­va­tion cen­tre, inside the City Hub cam­pus, to deliv­er degree lev­el train­ing in lab tech and bio­science to sup­port this ever expand­ing sector.

A grant from the Government’s Strate­gic Devel­op­ment Fund, this year, has seen more than £1.2m spent on design­ing new train­ing cours­es in con­struc­tion, engi­neer­ing, biotech and dig­i­tal and cre­ative industries.

The Col­lege is await­ing the out­come of a bid for hun­dreds of thou­sands of pounds to spend on a fleet of elec­tric, hybrid and hydro­gen fuel cell cars, and oth­er auto­mo­tive equip­ment with which to train our auto­mo­tive engi­neers and vehi­cle mechan­ics of the future. The funds will help us devel­op new cours­es and train­ing pack­ages for exist­ing vehi­cle tech­ni­cians want­i­ng to upskill, as well as new trainee mechan­ics enrolling this year and in the future.

The College’s ambi­tions extend to the cre­ation of a spe­cial­ist adult nurs­ing ward to pro­vide new facil­i­ties with­in its City Hub cam­pus to train those going into adult health­care, ill­ness reha­bil­i­ta­tion and recov­ery, phys­io­ther­a­py as well as end of life and hos­pice care. These are cru­cial skills for a sec­tor that is expand­ing rapid­ly with thou­sands of jobs being cre­at­ed this year alone.

In April 2022, the Col­lege was suc­cess­ful in secur­ing £4m in Gov­ern­ment fund­ing for a new bespoke cen­tre for stu­dents with learn­ing dis­abil­i­ties and/​or dif­fi­cul­ties. This cen­tre will sup­port stu­dents with skills for inde­pen­dent liv­ing as well as skills to help secure employ­ment. This new cen­tre, to be devel­oped on the grounds of the College’s Bas­ford cam­pus is due for com­ple­tion in Sep­tem­ber 2024.

Hot off the press is the news that the Col­lege has also secured £1.6m to enhance its arts, craft and design pro­vi­sion with­in its 25 Stoney Street cen­tre, in the heart of Nottingham’s Cre­ative Quar­ter. Huge improve­ments to the learn­ing envi­ron­ment can now begin and are again set for com­ple­tion ready for Sep­tem­ber 2024. These improve­ments again will enable our art, design and craft stu­dents to pre­pare for careers in archi­tec­ture, gar­ment and fur­ni­ture design and man­u­fac­tur­ing, prod­uct design, 3D mod­el­ling and print­ing, VFX, web design and ani­ma­tion, brand­ing and mar­ket­ing and much more.

All in all some £10m in Gov­ern­ment grants has been, or is being invest­ed, in the devel­op­ment of new facil­i­ties or train­ing cours­es to help pre­pare stu­dents for a job of the future!

It is tru­ly an excit­ing time to be a stu­dent with us at Not­ting­ham College.

There's still time to join us this September

Whether you have your eyes firm­ly set on your goals or haven’t quite decid­ed yet, we’ll help you take the next step towards your future. Our huge range of cours­es, out­stand­ing stu­dent sup­port, state-of-art facil­i­ties and fan­tas­tic stu­dent com­mu­ni­ty mean you are per­fect­ly placed to take your next steps, what­ev­er you choose!

Apply­ing is easy — browse our cours­es and vis­it our apply page, sub­mit your appli­ca­tion and we’ll be in touch soon!

Published on:
  • 22nd June 2022 (12:00 AM)
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