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News: Sup­port­ed learn­ing stu­dents host their annu­al Christ­mas fair

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Stu­dents from our Entry Lev­el 2 and Lev­el 1 cours­es at our Bas­ford Cam­pus have come togeth­er for their annu­al Christ­mas fair.

Over the past few weeks our learn­ers have been get­ting cre­ative and have designed and made a range of fes­tive items under the guid­ance of their tutors. The aim of the Christ­mas fair is to allow the stu­dents to put a range of skills into prac­tice, from team­work and mon­ey han­dling to plan­ning, cus­tomer ser­vice and enter­prise skills, enabling them to increase their con­fi­dence, work togeth­er as a team and devel­op range of trans­fer­able skills.

Our Entry Lev­el 2 is a Sup­port­ed Learn­ing course that teach­es valu­able skills for every­day life and inde­pen­dent liv­ing. Stu­dents study Eng­lish, maths, ICT, per­son­al and social devel­op­ment, inde­pen­dent liv­ing, and employ­a­bil­i­ty skills, plus a range of voca­tion­al ele­ments such as art and design and enterprise.

For Gina, Har­ri­son and Alex, the Christ­mas Fair was a chance to have fun, get cre­ative and inter­act with stu­dents and staff from out­side of their course.

Gina Harrison Alex
Left to right: Alex, Gina, Harrison

I’ve enjoyed work­ing togeth­er with my class­mates as we all help each oth­er and work as a team. In the future I want to have my own busi­ness mak­ing and sell­ing cakes. The Christ­mas Fair has been good prac­tice as I’ve had the chance to deal with mon­ey and talk to customers. 

 — Gina

I’ve real­ly enjoyed work­ing on things for the fair, my whole class has worked real­ly hard and I’m hav­ing a real­ly great day. It’s been fun to help and try dif­fer­ent jobs such as han­dling mon­ey and serv­ing cus­tomers. I chose to come to col­lege as I thought it would be the best option for me. I’m mak­ing new friends and I’m learn­ing a lot of new things that are giv­ing me the con­fi­dence to think about apply­ing for jobs in the future. 

 — Har­ri­son

I have enjoyed mak­ing things in lessons and hav­ing the chance to sell them today. One of my favourite things has been the chance to talk to lots of new peo­ple. I love com­ing to col­lege because my tutors are all real­ly nice and very sup­port­ive, I like that they encour­age me to try new things. 

 — Alex

Zubia Haque, Lev­el 1 Employ­a­bil­i­ty Lec­tur­er, helped the learn­ers to organ­ise the event. Under the guid­ance of her and oth­er tutors, the stu­dents have spent the past few weeks prepar­ing for the fair.

The Christ­mas Fair is one of many events and activ­i­ties we help our stu­dents to organ­ise and it is one of the high­lights of the year for me. The event allows stu­dents to show their more prac­ti­cal skills and make a vari­ety of items to sell. It links to many of our units includ­ing Health and Safe­ty, Cus­tomer Ser­vice Skills, Set­ting up an Enter­prise and Pro­duc­ing a Product. 

This year I want­ed to stick with the theme of Reduce, Reuse and Recy­cle’. We have upcy­cled baubles, reused glass bot­tles and used nat­ur­al wood­en discs for tree dec­o­ra­tions. We were also donat­ed some wool which was left over from pre­vi­ous projects which we have turned into pom­pom wreaths. Dur­ing prac­ti­cal ses­sions, the stu­dents learn some new skills and can dis­play skills they already have.

When it comes to the actu­al Christ­mas fair, they use Cus­tomer Ser­vice Skills, mon­ey man­age­ment skills, team­work skills and organ­i­sa­tion­al skills. 

It’s a fan­tas­tic oppor­tu­ni­ty to help them build their con­fi­dence, put a range of trans­fer­able skills into action.”

Published on:
  • 16th December 2021 (8:00 AM)
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