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News: Vol­un­teers’ Week 2021: How IT stu­dent Bran­don vol­un­teers his time to inspire classmates

Please note: This news story may contain information that is no longer current or up to date.

This Vol­un­teers Week we are high­light­ing stu­dents who have gone above and beyond, both inside and out­side of col­lege, ded­i­cat­ing their time to help­ing inspire others.

A selfie of a student
Brandon Wright.

Before Bran­don Wright joined us in 2017 on a Lev­el 1 IT course, he was home-schooled. Since then, he has pro­gressed from Lev­el 1 and is now due to com­plete his Lev­el 3 IT course with us this sum­mer. Through­out his time at col­lege Bran­don has been inspired to con­tin­ue study­ing and now aspires to become a teacher, with a com­put­er sci­ence course at uni­ver­si­ty firm­ly in his sights.

With his teach­ing aspi­ra­tions in mind, Bran­don has spent his spare time hold­ing extra lessons (both online and in per­son when restric­tions eased) for his class­mates, cov­er­ing con­tent not on the syllabus. 

We caught up with Bran­don to ask what inspired him and how his col­lege cours­es have helped him shape plans for his future career. 

I have a pas­sion for knowl­edge and pro­gress­ing from lev­el 1 to lev­el 3 in IT at col­lege over the years has inspired me to con­tin­ue my stud­ies, with the aspi­ra­tion of becom­ing a teacher. 

I decid­ed to hold extra ses­sions for my class­mates because it’s fun to spread knowl­edge and talk about the things I am inter­est­ed in. It makes me hap­py to pass my pas­sion to oth­er peo­ple and inspire them to learn. 

I held lessons both vir­tu­al­ly and in per­son once restric­tions allowed and both ver­sions were very well attend­ed. I tried to make my lessons as inter­est­ing as pos­si­ble and the feed­back has been real­ly pos­i­tive, with every­one who took part say­ing they enjoyed what they had learned.’ 

Before join­ing col­lege on a lev­el 1 IT course I was home schooled. My first les­son at col­lege was daunt­ing and I was ner­vous, how­ev­er if I hadn’t attend­ed that first les­son, I wouldn’t have gained the con­fi­dence and got to where I am today. 

With­out col­lege I would still be a very ner­vous per­son. Col­lege has helped me to deal with the real world, both in social and work sit­u­a­tions and has giv­en me the burn­ing pas­sion to con­tin­ue studying. 

When I fin­ish my Lev­el 3 course, I plan to study com­put­er sci­ence. It isn’t just the con­tent of the cours­es that have shaped my future deci­sions for edu­ca­tion but my lec­tur­ers too. With­out them I wouldn’t be as good of a stu­dent as I am today; they ignit­ed my pas­sion and have taught me many life lessons that helped my men­tal atti­tude towards learning. 

 — Bran­don Wright

Brandon’s lessons were observed by Jane Fletch­er, Fac­ul­ty Area Man­ag­er for Com­put­ing and Office Technologies.

Bran­don start­ed with us in 2017 as an extreme­ly shy young man on a Lev­el 1 course. He is now about to fin­ish his Lev­el 3 course with excel­lent grades. 

Bran­don has been deliv­er­ing ses­sions to his class­mates out­side of the syl­labus and has real­ly added val­ue to the stud­ies of his group. Bran­don has had 100% atten­dance for his lessons each time. I’ve per­son­al­ly observed two ses­sions he’s deliv­ered, and he real­ly is an excep­tion­al teacher. 

Jane Fletch­er — Fac­ul­ty Area Man­ag­er, Com­put­ing and Office Technologies.
Published on:
  • 1st June 2021 (8:00 AM)
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