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5 surprising apprenticeship benefits


What do you already know about apprenticeships? You’ll be introduced to a possible career; you’ll earn whilst you learn and you’ll come out of it with a suite of qualifications. However, there are lots of benefits that you may not be aware of.

Below we explain just five of those benefits.

It’s much more than a foot in the door

Put simply, apprenticeships are a great way to get your foot in the door. You can explore what you want to do and, just as importantly, learn what you don’t want to do. You have the advantage for later on in your career. While a qualification is great, more and more employers now want new employees to have experience on the job too.

And while it’s easy to recognise the obvious benefits of work and study together, you’ll also learn so many life skills and develop as a person during your transition from school to the working world.

Brushing up on the basics

Doesn’t school feel like a lifetime ago? So do those lessons in maths and English too! An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to brush up on your communication and numeracy skills. For example, most trade apprenticeships will require a lot of measuring and other basic maths. You might be taking an apprenticeship in business administration, where working to budgets and communicating with customers face to face is commonplace. Your apprenticeship will ensure you improve these essential skills, as you learn on the job and you can rely on support, especially if you found them difficult at school.

Skills for later…

Maths and English are core subjects for a reason – they’re skills that will set you up for life! Becoming more confident in maths will help when managing your bills and household budgets, while improving your written and verbal communication skills will help when applying for jobs, doing presentations and for future job interviews too.

Becoming more organised

An apprenticeship, in any industry or occupation, will help you develop a good routine in your daily life. Working full-time, attending college one day a week and completing a qualification in the workplace is a juggling act, but it’s a healthy one. Throughout your career you will have to multitask, be organised and learn to use your initiative. Working on multiple projects during your apprenticeship will help you develop these skills. Before you know it you start learning the importance of prioritising work, managing your day and knowing when to ask for help.

Skills for later…

In or out of work, good time management and learning to multi task is hugely beneficial. Juggling rent, bills, relationships, you work and social life, really won’t seem as daunting anymore.

Responsibility and pride

One of the most important skills you will learn during your apprenticeship is responsibility. Taking responsibility for your work, especially when things haven’t gone exactly to plan, is a huge part of developing as a person.

Yes, it can be scary. This may be the first time you’ve been given sole responsibility for some work that’s important to the company. However, you’ll learn the importance of asking questions, learn from mistakes and take pride in your work and tasks. Remember your work is a reflection of yourself, so make it the best it can be!

Skills for later…

An apprenticeship will help you appreciate the importance of responsibility – as a valuable life skill. Learning from your mistakes, admitting when you’re wrong and finding new ways of working should be embraced as they’ll come in handy with all tasks in life, not just work ones.

The art of negotiation

You might not realise at the time but a successful apprenticeship will help develop your negotiation skills. Throughout any apprenticeship, there will be numerous times when you need to persuade colleagues and customers to come around to your way of thinking. Learning to negotiate Is a vital skill in any profession. It’s about listening, appreciating other views, managing expectations and reaching a decision that benefits everyone without compromising what you want to achieve.

Skills for later…

Believe it or not, you’ll spend a lot of time negotiating every day. Buying a new car, getting a new phone contract or even taking a faulty item back to the shop; it all requires negotiation to get what you want.

In a nutshell

It might sound like generalising but an apprenticeship will help you learn about the most important person in your life…you! As you enter the world of work, you’ll start to learn what you’re capable of, what really interests you and what you value in your own life. You could also meet a huge variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures which really does help you develop your confidence and communication skills.

Choosing an apprenticeship offers much more than a qualification, experience and some cash in your back pocket. It’s a unique opportunity to learn vital life skills and discover what you’re capable of achieving.