Company Bio

Jigsaw24 are the most magical IT company, providing Insanely Great creative technology solutions and services for more than 25,000 enlightened customers, including large businesses, creative professionals, media companies, education institutions and prosumers. With over 20 years’ experience, our incredible team have gained Apple’s highest customer satisfaction levels and more accreditations than you can shake an iPad at (including Apple Authorised Reseller and Apple Authorised Service Provider). With offices in Manchester, Nottingham and London, Jigsaw24 now report annual sales of £85m and a strong balance sheet with £7m net assets.

Why we recruit apprentices

As an Insanely Great IT Company, we aim to be an Insanely Great and Magical employer searching for our next generation workforce. We developed our Apprenticeship programme to provide fantastic opportunities to the younger generation and it is also a great way of helping them to start their careers. We realise Apprentices have oodles of enthusiasm, adapt quickly to the working environment and bring fresh ideas and thoughts to our business. It gives Jigsaw24 the opportunity to provide training and support with a view to long term employment whilst affording them lifelong skills for future roles.

Why we chose to work with Nottingham College

We have built a good relationship with Nottingham College and they have a full understanding of the type of candidate who will embrace our ethos and work hard to become successful within our Company. Employing Apprentices via the College has proven to be fruitful and effective and they always go the extra mile for the Company and the Apprentice.