Nottingham Trent University

Company Bio

NTU is one of the most sustainable universities in the world and we have been awarded Green Flags for our Brackenhurst and Clifton Campuses.

We have approximately 27,000 students (HESA 2014 / 15) and have invested £350 million since 2003 across our three Campuses to create an inspiring learning environment.

The School of Science and Technology is an exciting multidisciplinary environment for learning, teaching and research. We specialise in Biosciences, Chemistry, Engineering, Forensic Science, Mathematics, Physics, Sports Science and Computing and Technology. This mix of traditional and modern science subjects encourages and inspires our future& innovators.

Why we recruit apprentices

NTU was delighted to introduce the training of science technician apprentices this year.

The development of technical staff, with the essential skills needed to support the wide range of laboratories and scientific equipment in the school, is vital to maintaining and progressing the planned development of our teaching, research and collaborative ventures in the future.

Furthermore, the development of the technical structure, with excellent career progression and job prospects, will aim to attract, train and retain good technical support staff in the future.

Why we chose to work with Nottingham College

Having contacted Nottingham College they were quick to arrange to meet with us and were extremely informative about their courses and services.

A big draw for us was their ability to reduce our workload by undertaking the recruitment process for us, a service which they provide very efficiently. In addition, Nottingham College were extremely pro-active in carrying out initial interviews which minimised the delay of final recruitment.

Thanks to their efforts the successful recruitment of three apprentices was completed in less than two weeks and all are doing extremely well.