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Appeals for Teacher Assessed Grades for Summer 2021

The summer 2021 exam series could not take place because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As many students as possible will now receive qualifications based on Teacher Assessed Grades, which are based on the content they have been taught.

Below sets out the exceptional appeals processes for results issued in summer 2021 in line with the JCQ and relevant awarding organisations.

The appeals process for summer 2021 allows students to appeal their grade where they believe there has been an error. Students can discuss any concerns in the first instance with the teachers but if they have evidence that there has been an error can request Nottingham to review whether an administrative or procedural error has been made.

Where Nottingham College does not believe that an error has been made but a student believes that an error persists, a student may ask Nottingham college to submit an appeal to the relevant awarding organisation on their behalf. Nottingham College will submit the student’s appeal if requested and must provide the required full supporting evidence.

GCSE and A-level qualifications

Pearson BTEC qualifications

Please refer to Nottingham College’s Pearson BTEC appeals process for 2021

To submit an appeal please use the Nottingham College Student Appeals Form

For further information you can also visit Pearson student support website.

City and Guilds Technical qualifications

The appeals process for these qualifications mirrors the JCQ process and Nottingham College’s Appeal process for this year. However, there are some differences based on the different ways these qualifications are assessed and how the Teacher Assessed Grade process has been applied.

The timelines for appeals will be in line with the none-priority appeals in section 5.

Teacher Assessed Grades for these qualifications are at component level and some of the components are not graded.

For these reasons, appeals must be made a component level, however, an appeal can be submitted for multiple components using the student appeals form.

To submit an appeal please use the Nottingham College Student Appeals Form.

NCFE qualifications

Please refer to Nottingham College’s NCFE appeals process for 2021.

To submit an appeal please use the NFCE TAG appeal form.

UAL qualifications

Please refer to UAL Appeal Policy 2020-21 which outlines the process Nottingham College will follow.

To submit an appeal please use the UAL grade appeal form.

For further information you can also visit UAL student support website.

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