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Grading for GCSE and A Levels 2021

GCSEs, AS and A Levels will not be graded through final end of year exams this summer, due to the ongoing impact the Covid pandemic has had on exam preparation this year.

Instead grades will be determined by teachers. This is the case for all GCSE, AS and A Level students in England. All grades will be submitted by the college, to the awarding bodies for your qualifications, by Friday 18th June 2021.

This means that between now and 18th June your teachers will be compiling and reviewing evidence that will enable them to arrive at a fair and honest graded assessment of your performance, throughout your studies with us.

How will grades be awarded?

For each A Level or AS Level grade we are using four main evidence points which will be different for each subject – you should know what they are. They could comprise your January online assessment, an end of topic assessment or an upcoming assessment (an assessment timetable, mapped against your current lesson timetable is in place for w/c 3rd May and w/c 10th May).

Teachers formulating AS and A Level grades will be taking a holistic overview of your time here with us at High Pavement Sixth Form, and where an evidence point does not reflect your “normal” grade / ability, we will disregard this and look at difference evidence points instead, to support your normal grade. However, it’s so important for us to highlight that these grades are determined by evidence you have either already produced or through an upcoming assessment. Grades are not awarded by a perception of potential.

In order to accommodate a full moderation process in time for grades to be submitted on 18th June, work that will be assessed must be submitted before 21st May. Work submitted after this date will not be assessed.

For students of GCSE subjects, again, a range of evidence is being collated. There will again be four primary pieces of evidence that will provide the basis of your grade. You will be notified of the marks you achieve in each piece of assessed work, prior to your final grade being awarded.

When will I know my grades?

Your grades are submitted to the examination bodies on Friday 18th June. They will however not be communicated directly to you until 10th August for A/AS levels and 12th August for GCSEs. These results will be made available to you through your EILP or by contacting the exams team directly.

What if I don’t agree with my grades?

There will be an appeals process should you not be satisfied that your grade is a fair reflection of your performance throughout your studies. More information about this appeals process will be available shortly.

Where can I go for more information?

The college’s policy governing this year’s exams and results changes is available here.

Please note:

Ofqual, the regulatory body, has published guidance relating to fairness and malpractice. A key element of this guidance stresses the importance of teachers operating impartially and without influence. Grades are awarded only on performance and merit. Any attempt to influence grades will be treated very seriously. This is a very difficult period for students but also teachers. The College will do all it can to support students to achieve the very best outcome. However, we will not accept teachers being put under pressure from students, parents or carers to submit grades that are higher than the evidence supports. As a centre we will keep records of such cases and might be required to report to the exam boards any cases where we believe inappropriate pressure is being placed on teachers. Exam boards may treat such cases as potential malpractice.

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