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Keep focussed

A student in a classroom with their head down writing in a notebook with other students in the distance

Studying from home, without your teachers in front of you and friends around you, can be really tough. It’s very different from what you’ve been used to. It’s important that you continue to try hard, find the time in the day to learn, and speak to your teachers if you need help or more work to do.

Whilst exams will not be taking place this summer, the work you’ve done and the work you will do over the coming months will be important in getting you to the next level in your journey, whether that’s in further education, onto university or into a job.

Don’t lose sight of your goals and stay focussed on what you must do to get you there. Get up every day, get dressed, log on and try your best - they are all the key ingredients to getting the outcomes you deserve and will guarantee you a place on a course at college that you’ll love. Good luck. We’re rooting for you!