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Frequently asked questions for current students - Coronavirus

Students Outside Beeston

In line with Government advice the College is now closed to all but those who have been identified as the most vulnerable students and those whose parents are key workers. All students who have not been told they can attend College should stay away and follow the Government’s guidelines on social distancing.

The College is now implementing remote learning from Monday 23rd March 2020.

We have published new processes which all staff and students should engage in online learning are required to follow. You can read more about this here.

Please find below frequently asked questions about remote learning and other college areas during this period.

Frequently asked questions

When will College re-open?

We don’t currently have a date to re-open. When we are advised by the Government that it is safe to do so we will advise students accordingly. In the meantime, students are expected to continue with their studies remotely.

I do not have access to a computer and or the internet, how can I learn from home?

If you inform your subject tutor that you do not have access to the internet and/or a computer, your tutor will prepare a resource pack for you so that you can still learn from home. Your tutor will explain the work that has been set and the expectations for returning the work so that it can be marked and collecting further work where appropriate.

I am having problems logging in/accessing my learning materials on Interact, who can I contact?

If you experience any difficulties logging in or engaging in learning on Interact, please email and a colleague will be able to support you. This email should only be used where you experience difficulties in accessing the materials on Interact. If you have any questions regarding the materials, please contact your subject tutor.

Who do I contact if have questions about some of the resources online/in my pack or I need help with my assignment?

You can find your tutor contact details are listed at the top of your Interact page. Using Interact, you can also message your tutor directly and collaborate with your peers using the ‘forum’ function. If you do not have access to Interact, you should send your tutor an email with your question. If you do not have an email account, call the college on 0115 9 100 100 who will be able to get a message to your tutor, so that they can support you.

How do I submit work?

Your tutor will confirm how and when work should be submitted, and the focus will be on helping you to submit work to help you achieve your qualification. Where possible, your teacher will ask you to submit work via Interact.

How will I receive feedback?

For each of your subjects / sessions, teachers will be providing feedback on session activities through the ‘comments’ feature of Interact. You will receive constructive feedback to highlight what you have done well, or what you need to do to improve. You may also receive feedback on performance and progress via the ‘messaging’ feature of Interact. This will help you to stay on track with your studies. If you have handed in your work at a college library, you will receive a receipt for your work and will be asked how you can be contacted when your feedback is ready for collection. Your tutor will mark your work and provide you with written feedback in the usual manner and we will confirm when this feedback will be available for collection (via the method that you advised us of when you submitted your work). Feedback will normally be provided within three weeks.

What support will I receive to keep me on track?

Your Subject Tutor will provide you with work (either on Interact or paper based) to ensure that you have the learning opportunities that you need to keep you on track and will keep in touch to let you know what work is available, what needs to be completed, and to provide guidance, support and feedback. Where you are on a full time programme, your Personal Tutor will also touch base with you on a weekly basis to give you feedback and guidance on your progress overall, considering the progress that you are making in your online activities and course assessments.

How will I continue to be supported by my Achievement Coach?

Where you currently work with an Achievement Coach (AC), your AC will continue to support you and will contact you at your normal scheduled time. Your AC will send you an email or text to check that they have your current contact details and agree how they will continue to support you.

How will my progress be monitored?

Your online attendance will be monitored and your subject tutors and personal tutor will continue to review the progress that you are making with your work and assessments whilst you are learning remotely. Where there are concerns regarding the hours that you have participated in learning or the quality of work that you have submitted, your Personal Tutor and Achievement Coach will discuss this with you and will set targets in the eILP where appropriate.

Do I need to continue with my formal assessments now that the college is closed?

Ofqual and the UK government provided an update on exams on 3rd April, providing guidance on GCSE, AS and A Level exams for teachers, students and parents/carers. You can find the Ofqual update and guidance information on the exams and grades page.

I have exams booked will these still go ahead?

Due to the college closures, it is with regret that we have been required to cancel all examinations for the foreseeable future. As you will all be aware, the government has made the decision to cancel this year’s GCSE and A Level exams, but that students will receive their qualifications. However, the Government has not said how this will happen as yet.

Why do I need to continue to study and engage in learning if my examinations or formal assessments are cancelled?

The government has recently provided further information regarding exams, you can find more information about examinations and assessments on our exams and grades page.

Where should I go to for updates about COVID-19 and the college closure?

The college updates its website on a regular basis, you can also check on social media channels, these can be found at the bottom of the footer on our website or by using the links below:

Alternatively, you can log on to StudentNet.

Who do I contact if I have a concern?

Whilst the college campuses are closed, the College’s teachers and support staff are still available to support. If you have any questions or concerns, you should continue to discuss this with your teachers, your Achievement Coach or your Faculty Area Manager who will be able to support you.

Can I do video chats with my tutor?

This is something that we are currently working on across the College. Whilst we may collaborate with you online, or have live discussions, at present we do not facilitate video chats.

Will I be able to access the college sites that are open?

Following government guidance the college campuses are closed to all students, with exception of facilitated learning for agreed learner groups, in accordance with government guidelines. Students are however permitted on college premises for the purposes of picking up and submitting work.

I’ve borrowed items from a college library and can’t return them, will I get fined?

If your library books are due to be renewed you can login to your Library account to renew them yourself, or contact your site library and ask them to renew items for you.

All fines that accrue during the period college is closed will be waived from your account, but do keep in touch with the library and renew your items.

Contact details for each library can be found on our libraries page.

I have been invited to engage in facilitated learning during the college closures, what will this look like?

A number of our learners have been invited to attend facilitated learning sessions. These sessions will be held at Stapleford (SLDD) and in our Clarendon and Adams libraries. The teaching day will be between 9am and 3pm and you will be supported to review the materials and complete the activities that your Subject Tutor has set you and access tutorial and student services support.

What happens if I receive free school meals?

The College will be issuing Co-op supermarket vouchers to students previously identified as eligible for free school meals. Further information can be found on our free school meals section.

I am a key worker, how can I arrange for my children to attend?

If you are a key worker and would like your children to attend, you should contact us on 0115 9 100 100 so we can discuss how we can support you.

I have a child in the college nursery will this remain open?

The nursery at Clarendon is currently remaining open to the children of support key workers and college staff.

I’m a Higher Education student at Nottingham College, what does this all mean for me?

At the moment your tutors and course leaders are doing their very best to ensure you can continue to study in a productive way through online learning and staying on contact with you by email or phone where possible.

We are committed to support you to achieve the very best grades irrespective of the circumstances of your learning and will do all we can to help you complete necessary modules and assignments. Where some of you have practical demonstrations, these will happen, even if in a slightly different way from planned. It may be that as part of your continued study, once we have determined how long the College is closed for, course leaders create more appropriate ways to assess you and to ensure you do complete the necessary components of your modules or course to succeed. It is our intention that we will still be able to present everyone’s full and recorded achievement to HE exam boards in July, as usual, where we can ratify all your grades and achievement. If you have any specific concerns please contact your course tutors or course leaders.

For further information regarding your HE study at Nottingham College, please see our Higher Education student information page.