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Part-time student information

Lifeat College Adult03

We run part-time courses for adults at both our campuses and within a number of community venues.

Depending on the programme that you are following, you may still have access to the education you have paid for (or that you have been funded for), all be it in a very different, and potentially less suitable format than you anticipated. In addition, we are still waiting for further guidance from the Government and awarding bodies on how you will be assessed and able to achieve your qualifications. Many of our non-funded courses such as our arts and crafts part time courses have been postponed until further notice.

We are currently rapidly assessing how, and the extent to which, we could reimburse or refund students who feel, for understandable reasons, that we have not met their expectations. Our aim will be to try and ensure that you are not disadvantaged.

Our ability to do this will much depend on the support arrangements that the Government puts in place for education.

We hope to be able to provide more information soon.