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Student mental health and wellbeing

Student Wellbeing Hero

Your health and wellbeing at this time is our number one priority. Looking after yourself when you’re not in college is absolutely crucial if you are going to continue to work hard, achieve the outcomes you hope for and move forward with your education or career ambitions.

Learning at home and remotely can be really difficult. You may have lots of distractions at home, whether they be parents or siblings. You may struggle to concentrate, struggle to use the remote learning tools or you just simply may be really missing your friends. Perhaps you are nervous about the virus, perhaps a family member or friend is affected or perhaps you are nervous about how you can complete your course and do well.

These are all normal and completely understandable feelings. There are things you can do to help and there are things we can do too. Please keep checking the wellbeing hub on StudentNet for advice and guidance, and useful contacts.