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Supporting the learning of your child at home

Lifeat College Accomodation

Balancing the care and support of children, teenagers and the vulnerable is going to be particularly difficult during these uncertain times.

Keeping young people focussed on their studies and providing a comfortable and quiet environment for them to learn may be harder still. Anything you can do to support our students’ continuous study is absolutely vital.

If you have no access to a computer or the internet at home it is going to be very difficult for your child to continue with their education. However, our teachers are prepared and will issue work via printed learning packs if needed. Please encourage your child to reach out to their tutor to discuss their needs with them.

If you can provide IT and internet access there are other things you can do.

    1. Encourage your child to set a learning routine, get up and get ready as though they were coming to college, have time to speak to friends and their tutor and importantly, have structure to their day.

    2. Make sure they are accessing the college’s online learning systems. In the main we are using a system called Interact, but in some cases, Google Classroom and other specialist online products are being used. Ask your child about these so you are confident they are using them.

    3. Your child will be set work, tests and assignments online. They will need time and a quiet, distraction-free learning environment in which to complete them. Please do all you can to provide this for them.

    4. Please check in with your child as often as possible and ensure they are having regular breaks, time out for exercise and to speak to and socialise with friends (in line with Government guidance). Social distancing is strange for us all but will be particularly difficult for socially active and well networked young people.

    5. Stay safe and look after each other. It looks, at the moment, as though we may be required to follow this guidance for the remainder of this academic year. Plan ahead and be prepared. We will all have days of ups and downs!

    Staying safe online

    Common Sense Media provides ratings and summaries for Apps, Games, Shows and other forms of online entertainment. They have help pages for Security at home and around learning technologies to help families be safe online. Find out more on their website.