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Functional Skills English (Entry Level 3) - Online Learning

Course outline

This course is ideal for anyone who wish to improve their English skills.

There are three modules:


  • Unit 1: Understand and identify main points and ideas from text
    • Learners will look into how they can efficiently understand and identify main points and ideas from texts, including how to highlight important information. Finding new words and summarising information will also be covered.
  • Unit 2: Different situations and different purposes of texts
    • Learners will explore texts with different purposes, including persuasive text, informative text, descriptive text and instructive text. This unit will also cover texts that are used for more than one purpose.
  • Unit 3: Textual features and devices
    • Learners will look at different organisational features that can be used in a piece of text and how these can be identified when reading.
  • Unit 4: Understanding a range of specialist words in context and how to research them
    • In this unit learners will look at how to understand a range of specialist words in context and how to research words that are unfamiliar to them.

Speaking, Listening and Communication

  • Unit 1: Identifying information and responding to questions
    • Learners will look at how they can develop and improve their listening skills and will consider how crucial these skills are when it comes to giving and receiving instructions or holding an important conversation.
  • Unit 2: Communicate, express opinions and using effective language
    • Learners will look at how they can develop and improve their speaking skills and will consider how crucial these skills are when it comes to speaking to people in different scenarios and for different purposes.
  • Unit 3: Contributions and discussions
    • In this unit learners will look at the different settings for discussions, plus how to contribute effectively to these. Asking questions and furthering conversations will also be covered.


  • Unit 1: Punctuation, grammar and sentence structure
    • In this unit, you will look at the use of a variety of punctuation, grammar and sentence structure features within writing. You will consider how each of these features can impact on overall sentence structure and the flow of a piece of writing.
  • Unit 2: Spelling, irregular plurals and sequencing words in alphabetical order
    • You will look at the importance of correctly spelling common words used in work, study and daily life. You will consider the use of singular and plural words, irregular nouns, homophones, and sequencing words in alphabetical order, and how all of these can impact on spelling techniques.
  • Unit 3: Formal and informal language
    • Within this unit, you will focus on the use of formal and informal language in different scenarios for different purposes and look at specific situations where the type of language used is crucial.
  • Unit 4: Layout, format, structure of texts
    • You will explore a variety of different organisational features and layouts for different texts. The different layouts of letters and emails will be covered, as well as the reasons for using different layout features.
  • Unit 5: Writing various texts
    • You will explore how to write a variety of texts, including emails and letters. Review writing will also be covered, as well as identifying the purpose of texts.

This course is delivered via distance learning, allowing you to choose when and where you study. Studying will enhance both your personal skills and professional development.

You will have a Personal Tutor to ensure you have all the support needed to succeed.

How to apply for this course

It's not too late to start this course this academic year.

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Location Date / time
Online Learning

You can start this course at any time.

Course code: C036251 / Q036252


City & Guilds Functional Skills English Entry Level 3


12 weeks

Level Entry Level
Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course but you must be aged 19 or over.


Online Examination


Functional Skills English Level 1

Additional information

The tuition fee is funded in full* by the government, but you must submit information when you enrol to qualify. You can find out what information you need to submit here.

*If you are a 19-23 year old without a prior Level 2 qualification, this course will not be funded. Please contact the enquiries team to discuss all available options for you.

*Geographical restrictions may apply.

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