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Priority Skills for D2N2 SMEs

Nottingham College are working as part of a consortium of higher and further education providers across the D2N2 area to deliver the ESF High Level Skills programme which includes the ‘Priority Skills for D2N2 SMEs’ and ‘Improving the Labour Market Relevance of Education and Training Systems’ projects.

What is Nottingham College offering your business?

Nottingham College will provide you with innovative bridging courses tailored to your business needs to empower your employees, enable them to access a higher level of learning and progress towards achieving their potential.

We will deliver a series of ‘Career Progression Builders’ – flexible, bespoke courses that act as a skills platform for higher levels of learning. These will include technical and job-specific vocational skills, employability provision (including the softer skills necessary for your employees to operate at a higher level) and development in English, maths and ICT. This can be used for Apprenticeship Bridging Courses.

Courses will have the primary aim of preparing your employees for progression to a higher level of learning. They will be tailored to the drivers, needs and barriers of each of your employees and will provide the relevant skills platform for progression within your industry. Nottingham College will provide this through listening to what you want as an employer and designing courses responsively.

Courses available will include:

  • Vocational Tasters – bespoke courses relevant to your industry and the sector/area your employees are aiming to progress in. The courses will be structured around a level 2 or 3 unit (selection will be based on consultation with you and your employees) and have fully embedded employability skills, English, maths and ICT development.
  • English and Maths Builders – courses focussed on development in literacy and numeracy. These will be based around a basic skills qualification with learning content contextualised to your industry and the sector your employees are aiming to progress and develop their learning in.
  • Employability Development – Courses focussed on the wider skills and behaviours necessary for successful progression at work. These will be contextualised to your business and will embed vocational and basic skills.

Improving the Labour Market Relevance of Education and Training Systems

Nottingham College will:

  • Actively involve you in the design and content of courses, to ensure market relevance and maximise the competitiveness of employees in the D2N2 region
  • Build a catalogue of work experience criteria specific to you and other local employers to ensure highly impactful and meaningful experiences
  • Work with you to identify work experience/project-based learning opportunities and develop the offer in a way that brings benefit to your business
  • Provide training and support to enable you to offer placements/ internships/secondments to the most hard to reach groups
  • Create collaborative delivery models with you for courses
  • Develop your business infrastructure for training, support and development of staff
  • Increase the number of people in training through collaborative working and supporting you develop your business infrastructure

Contact Us

Support through the ESF High Level Skills programme is available to SMEs across D2N2 until 2020.

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about accessing this support, please email

We look forward to working with you!

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