Term Dates

Term Dates for International Students 2017/18

Autumn Term

Term Dates
Start of term (Induction) Tuesday 5 September - Wednesday 6 September
Classes begin Thursday 7 September
Half-term (no classes) Monday 23 to Friday 27 October (inclusive)
End of term Wednesday 20 December
Christmas holiday (no classes) Friday 22 December to 5 January 2018

Spring Term

Term Dates
Start of term/classes start Monday 8 January (September start students)
January start induction Monday 8 January (2.5 terms)
January start classes begin Tuesday 9 January (January 2.5 terms)
Half-term (no classes) Monday 19 to Friday 23 February (not applied to January starts)
End of term - September starts Wednesday 28 March
End of term - January starts Friday 6 April
Easter holiday (no classes) Friday 30 March to Friday 13 April (inclusive)

Summer Term

Term Dates
Start of term Monday 16 April
Classes begin Monday 16 April
Half-term (no classes) Monday 28 May to Friday 1 June 2018
End of term Friday 29 June (September start students)
  Friday 24 August (2.5 term January start students)

Additional Bank Holidays in 2017/18 – these are public holidays that fall outside College holidays, so there will be no classes on these dates: Friday 30 March and Monday 2 April 2018

Staff Development Days in 2017/18 – these are staff training days not attached to College holidays, when there will be no classes: 25 May, Friday 29 June and Monday 2 July 2018.

Additional non-teaching days: 2 days each academic year will be allocated for student progress reviews, so classes will be replaced on those dates with individual appointments with Personal Tutors. Dates will be confirmed to students during the first term.

Please note: Holidays are not permitted during term time, but international students are entitled to up to 4 days “Extra Leave” each academic year, which are usually added on to College holidays to enable students to return home to visit their families. Students are advised not to book flights to return home at the end of their course before the ‘end of term’ date specified, as certificate presentations and awards events are usually scheduled during the final week of the course.