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At Nottingham College, we take pride in ensuring the college is a safe and supportive atmosphere for students to thrive.

Nottingham College is committed to ensuring that students have access to a range of support from tutors, achievement coaches, additional learning support and security when it comes to safeguarding students.

Where we feel that students may need additional support in order continue or manage their studies, Nottingham College works with a wide range of external organisations who we regularly refer to for support.

If you have any safeguarding concerns about a student at the college and you think they may need additional support, please contact the college on: 0115 9100 100 and you will be directed to the most appropriate person.

What does ‘Safeguarding’ mean?

  • Safeguarding looks at keeping children, young people and adults safe from a wide range potential harm, and puts in procedures into place to prevent, as well as acting to stop harm.
  • Child protection looks at recognising abuse and neglect and acting to stop it. Special measures are put in place to protect and support any students we are concerned are at risk of significant harm.
  • Prevent is about supporting students and helping them to stop them from becoming involved in extremist/terrorist activities.

Information for professionals

In your role, it may be that you are working with students that are leaving school, re-accessing education or are currently studying with us. If you have any safeguarding concerns or queries that you need to share with the college, please get in touch by calling either 0115 9100 100 and you will be directed to a member of the safeguarding team. Alternatively, you can contact the safeguarding team via email on Please state to our call centre colleagues or in email about whether the enquiry is urgent.

For further details, please see our safeguarding policy in full here.

If you are working with a student who is involved in any social care meetings, looked after reviews or any other safeguarding meetings, do contact the college and we will arrange for a representative of the college to attend.

Meet the Team

Safeguarding Files

In accordance to Keeping Children Safe in Education (2018) schools are required to share relevant safeguarding information or files with the education provision that student moves to. If schools or alternative education provisions are aware that their students are progressing onto courses with Nottingham College, please get in touch with the safeguarding team at and a member of the team will get in touch.

Professionals visiting Nottingham College

Guidance from Nottingham City Council has outlined clear guidance to professionals around controlling access to school premises.

To summarise:

  • Any professional wishing to undertake work in college with our students must be expected to make a formal appointment
  • The named professional must be the person who undertakes any intervention
  • Professionals must show their organisation ID on arrival
  • Professionals must sign in on reception, and where possible be accompanied by a member of staff at all times

Support we can offer

Transitional support

You may be working with students who currently receive a wide range of support in school around their emotional wellbeing, looked after child support, support around behaviour or wide safeguarding issues. Starting college can be an anxious time for many students, but if you believe that there are any support requirements that the college can put into place before students join us in September, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Mental health and fitness to study

Nottingham College offers a wide range of support for students who suffer with mental health issues. If you are working with potential students or current students, we can liaise directly with external mental health services and refer to external support. If you are working with a student whose mental health is having a detrimental effect on their ability to continue or progress their studies please get in contact with the college, and we may be able to begin our Fitness to Study Procedures in order to best support the student. This can even be completed before a student enrols at the college, so support can be organised before they start in September.

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