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Terms and conditions

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If you formally accept an offer of a place to study at Nottingham College by returning a completed Offer Acceptance Form, you are agreeing to pay a deposit* of 60% of the course fees to secure your place, followed by the remainder of the fees in full on arrival. By signing the Offer Acceptance Form you are confirming that you understand that your enrolment cannot be completed without full payment of your course fees, and that generally course fees are non-refundable, and will only be refunded, in whole or in part, at the College’s discretion, in very exceptional circumstances which are beyond your control.

When you enrol as a student of Nottingham College you agree to abide by College rules, attend all classes, provide up-to-date contact details (including next of kin information) and submit your passport on enrolment for copies to be taken and kept on file for the duration of your studies to enable the College to fulfil its obligations as a Sponsor under Tier 4 of the Points Based System for Student Visas. You understand that failure to comply with College rules, in terms of attendance or otherwise, will result in disciplinary action being taken against you by the College and may also result in you being reported to UK Visas & Immigration if you are in breach of Immigration Rules. Any disciplinary action may result in you being withdrawn from the College and your Student Visa being cancelled.


A deposit of 60% of the first year course fees is required to secure your place at the College and for a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) or Confirmation Letter for Visa Purposes to be issued. The deposit will only be refunded if you are unable to take up your course place for the following reasons:

  • You hold a conditional offer and fail to meet the conditions specified
  • Your visa is refused due to reasons which are not attributable in some way to your own intentional or reckless acts (VisaRefusal Notice must be submitted)
  • Exceptional personal circumstances prevent you from being able to travel to the UK to studyDeposit refunds are subject to an administration charge of £100, which will be retained to cover the costs of processing your application to the point at which the refund is requested, the costs associated with processing the refund, and any other costs incurred by the College in processing the application (i.e. CAS fee).

Please note: A deposit refund will not be granted if on receipt of the Visa Refusal Notice the College deems a visa refusal to be as a result of your own intentional or reckless act.

Deposit refunds must be requested in writing within the same academic year that the course for which you have been offered a place for is due to run, with appropriate supporting evidence provided. Requests for deposit refunds received after this period will be reviewed on a case by case basis and any refund granted will be at the discretion of the Vice Principal. Any refund granted under these circumstances will be subject to an additional administration charge to cover the additional costs associated with reviewing the case for a late refund and processing the refund itself.

Course Fees

Course fees (less any deposit already paid) must be paid in full at the start of the course and prior to enrolment. Students who arrive in the UK to commence a course of study having obtained a Tier 4 General Student Visa have been granted that visa based on evidence of sufficient funds being available in their bank account to cover the course fees and living expenses for the duration of study. Therefore the College will not accept that insufficient funds are available on a student’s arrival in the UK as a reason for that student being unable to pay the fees in full. Any student who states that they are unable to pay the full course fees will not be enrolled, and the College reserves the right to report the student to UK Visas & Immigration for breach of Immigration Rules, resulting in the student having to return home immediately at their own expense.

If you decide to leave your course early after paying your course fees the College will have incurred costs and therefore will not offer any refund of fees, unless there are very exceptional circumstances that prevent you from studying further and completing your course. Any refund offered under very exceptional circumstances is at the discretion of the Vice Principal and will take into account the period of study already completed, as well as administration and processing costs associated with the early withdrawal from the course.

No refund will be offered under any circumstances to students who are withdrawn from the College for disciplinary reasons, or for reasons that are a direct result of the student’s own reckless acts and deliberate failure to comply with College rules.