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There are many things you can do to help contribute to sustainability at Nottingham College.

Personal carbon footprint

Calculate your personal carbon footprint and examine the steps you can take to reduce it.

It is important to cut carbon emissions to keep the global temperature rise from climate change below 1.5°C. Knowing your carbon footprint is an important step in understanding how you can address it.

There are plenty of carbon and environmental footprint calculators available such as WWF Environmental Calculator.

What about electricity?

If everyone at the college switched off equipment when not in use, we could reduce our electricity consumption by around 10%.

  • Switch off lights when not required.
  • Switch your PC monitor to automatic powersave mode.
  • Unplug unused computers and mobile phone chargers.
  • Buy “A” rated energy efficient appliances.
  • Report overheating radiators, dripping taps and energy wastage to the Estates Helpdesk.
  • Learn how to set your Thermostatic Radiator Valve to maintain a constant temperature in your office.
  • Communicate with colleagues on saving energy and reducing waste.

Additional resources

  • Sustainable Transport

    This page will inform you of ways to choose a more sustainable mode of transportation that is healthier and better for the planet.

  • Waste Recycling

    Find out more about what happens to the items you put in the recycling and general waste bins at Nottingham College.

  • Reusable water bottles

    Use the bottled water stations located around the college to fill up your reusable bottles.