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Overall aims of the sustainability group

To provide an effective working group mechanism that adopts and delivers environmental and sustainability measures, in line with the Nottingham College Environmental and Sustainability Policy, and regularly meets and communicates its outputs.

To act as a forum for developing and sharing best practice in relation to environmental and sustainability matters.

  • Ensure the effective implementation of the Environmental and Sustainability Action Plan across the College.
  • To champion the environmental/sustainability initiatives within the College at all levels and maintain an environmental management structure.
  • Identifying and promoting initiatives for inclusion of sustainability principles within curriculum development.
  • To monitor targets on energy, water, waste reduction, and other environmental/sustainability areas such as purchasing.
  • To react to audits and inspections and develop and deliver appropriate responses.
  • To identify and recommend training and development requirements.

To formulate strategies that will:

  1. Gain support for environmental/sustainable development investment initiatives.
  2. Include energy, water and sustainability considerations in all new capital and refurbishment projects undertaken by the College.
  3. Raise the awareness of all staff and students and to keep them appraised of measures carried out and savings achieved.

  • Updated Action Plan.
  • Updated Methods of Working and Procurement.

  1. Action plan review.
  2. Procedures and policy update.
  3. Carbon reduction review.
  4. Student Green Group review.
  5. Any other business.

Sustainability champions

The college will soon be introducing Sustainability Champions and will be exploring external funding opportunities for climate research.

Join a network of staff and students who are making Nottingham College more sustainable. We will help you develop the skills you need to lead positive change in your area of study or work and your community.

The college's Sustainability Champions are working on campus and in our communities to make Nottingham and Nottingham College a more sustainable working environment, reducing the negative and maximising the positive social and environmental impacts.

The Sustainability Champions will be the crucial link who help to transform our emerging new Sustainability Strategy into reality by helping embed sustainability and efficiency throughout the college and also bringing together the college’s staff and students from the different campuses, departments and faculties, empowering them to make positive changes within and beyond their own work environments.

Besides helping the college become a more sustainable place, being a Sustainability Champion is a great development opportunity, providing you with training, workshops, and knowledge on sustainability throughout the year. All sustainability champions will be offered the opportunity of undertaking, free of charge any (level 2 and 3) sustainability course offered by the college and Carbon Literacy training. It also provides the chance to meet other staff in different departments and you will be considered for the annual Sustainability Champions Awards.

You need to be interested in improving the environment and passionate about tackling climate change.

You need to be willing to help deliver projects and if you would like to become a Project Manager who owns a project and inspires delivery of a project.

You will need to be willing to attend occasional meetings and if required attend the Environmental and Sustainability Committee.

You can become a Sustainability Champion anytime throughout the year, for your office, lab or friendship group, student action group, department.