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How Nottingham College is working on its sustainability

Becoming Carbon Net Zero for Type 1 & 2 Emissions. Changes have been implemented over the last few years that have enabled the college to significantly reduce these types of emissions from 3238.53 tCO2e in 2018/19 to 2055.81 tCO2e which equates to a 37% reduction (3% off the 2025 target).

Measures are currently in place that will create this 3% reduction assuming consumption of electricity and gas does not increase. Achieving a further 60% reduction will require significant changes to our estate’s infrastructure including:

  • Optimising electricity and heat

    The retrofitting of buildings ensuring heat and electricity use is optimised.

  • Decarbonising our energy supply

    Further decarbonising our energy supply, ensuring our campuses use green energy suppliers.

  • Space utilisation

    Ensuring efficient utilisation of space across our campuses.

The college has adopted the AOC s FE Climate Action Road Map which sets out a series of logical steps a college can take to aid their journey in becoming a more sustainable organization. The college is making excellent progress on this journey.

We have now launched the colleges first Sustainability Strategy and the linked Sustainability Action Plan.

The strategy covers:

  • Resource Management.
  • Becoming Carbon Net Zero.
  • Incorporating sustainability in Academic Excellence.
  • Engagement with our communities.

To be above our Carbon zero target by 2025.


Becoming Carbon Net Zero, for Type 1 & 2 (direct) emissions by 2030.