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College sustainability

Nottingham College is dedicated to becoming more environmentally sustainable

We are busy improving our environmental sustainability through actions such as: 

  • Nottingham College is contributing to the Carbon Neutral Nottingham 2028 ambition.
  • We have just held a Climate Symposium with college staff and students- gathering ideas and opinions about what could be done to improve our sustainability as a college.
  • We have signed up to the Universities & Colleges Race to Zero’ initiative, and updated our Sustainability Plan with the aim of becoming Carbon Net Zero (Type 1 & 2 emissions) by 2030, and achieving 40% of that target by 2025.
  • We have also adopted the Association of Colleges Sustainability Road Map, setting out a step-by-step process to improve the college’s sustainability position.
  • We are developing a new Nottingham College Sustainability Strategy to drive the buildings- and facility-related changes necessary to meet our Carbon Net Zero target.
  • We are increasing awareness of environmental sustainability and a myriad of student, staff and curriculum-related initiatives to reduce emissions, contribute to the natural environment and reduce the consumption of resources.

In 2021, the college adopted a Carbon Management plan which set the following targets:

• Becoming Carbon Net Zero, for Type 1 & 2 (direct) emissions by 2030.

• Achieving 40% of the above target by 2025.

• Setting a target for becoming Carbon Net Zero for Type 3 (indirect) emissions as a priority.

The college has adopted the AOC Sustainability Road Map, which sets out a step-by-step process that improves a college’s sustainability position.

A Sustainability Strategy for the college is being developed in preparation for publication in Spring 2023.

The college has signed multiple accords to be more environmentally sustainable such as the sustainable development goals accord and the Global climate letter

As defined in the Climate Change Act 2008, we recognise our legal obligation to become Carbon Neutral (Net Zero) by the year 2050. Our Carbon Management Plan sets out the actions we plan to take and the targets we have set to help us reduce emissions and consumption of resources.

Through working with sustainable energy providers and coming together as a college community to educate and develop sustainable practices, coupled with an estates strategy which aims to pinpoint target actions for us to reduce our emissions, we are committed to become Carbon Neutral by 2038 for direct emissions.

Our target supports Nottingham City Council’s carbon neutral objectives, and we are implementing a multi-step programme and roadmap of actions to help us achieve this.

Steps we are taking to meet our targets

The specific actions Nottingham College is doing in order to be a more environmentally sustainable entity

College Environmental and Sustainability Group

We are passionate about raising awareness and encouraging cross-college involvement from staff and students. We do this by producing reports on energy use and green travel plans, working with staff and students to generate ideas.

Sustainable Transport

We encourage everyone to travel in a sustainable manner where possible. This could be travelling by bus or cycling opposed to driving in to college.

Recycling/waste management

Making sure you recycle correctly can have a significant positive environmental impact. Not only does it save resources, it also saves energy needed in producing items such as plastic bottles or drink cans.

What can I do to help?

There are multiple actions people can take to be more friendly towards the environment at home and in college

Energy Management

At Nottingham College we are devoted to reducing our energy demand by utilising sustainable practices in our day to day lives at college

How Highfields campus is keeping our students environment sustainable and green

Here you can see some of the state-of-the-art machinery at work that showcases how our Highfields campus is working toward making our learning processes and outcomes more sustainable and greener with recycling plastic to create new materials for our students to use.

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