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Jacob — Fine Art Prac­tice Foun­da­tion Degree

Jacob Lawson

I like how I’ve been able to get on with my own thing, whilst know­ing I have the sup­port of my tutors if I need it. 

Jacob — Fine Art — 

Having some doubts about studying at a big university, 20-year-old Jacob decided College was a better option to pursue his love of art and his desire to work within the creative industry.

With a pas­sion for art firm­ly embed­ded from an ear­ly age, it wasn’t until Jacob sad­ly suf­fered loss with­in his fam­i­ly that it became more than just a hob­by for him.

I’ve always liked art, but it nev­er served as any real pur­pose to me through school. It was­n’t until I lost a cou­ple of rel­a­tives that my years of study­ing art became a method of ther­a­py that has healed my trau­ma greatly. 

Now my paint­ings have added pas­sion, and I can paint in ways that move peo­ple, and allow peo­ple to stop and think. I have found that this is the most reward­ing aspect. 

 — Jacob Law­son

So, why Nottingham College?

I ini­tial­ly chose the Col­lege because I did­n’t like the idea of join­ing a large uni­ver­si­ty. At Col­lege, many peo­ple were local to the area and real­ly down to earth, plus there’s a real­ly good bal­ance of age and back­grounds which means there’s lots of dif­fer­ent per­spec­tives to draw upon. 

Anoth­er great ben­e­fit is the fact that there aren’t too many peo­ple in my class and this makes it so much eas­i­er to speak and get to know every­one; includ­ing my main tutor, Tom, who is excellent.

I like how I have been able to get on with my own thing, whilst know­ing I have the sup­port of the tutors if I need it.” 

Future plans

Hon­est­ly, my plans are hard­ly writ­ten out. I believe in fol­low­ing my gut, but using art as a ther­a­py with young peo­ple, be that young offend­ers or young peo­ple with men­tal health issues, is some­thing I’m very inter­est­ed in.”

Can you tell us a bit about your artwork?

Painting by Jacob Lawson

My work is pri­mar­i­ly acrylic paint­ing on can­vas, I like the use of peo­ple in my work to tell sto­ries through the human per­spec­tive. Using colour, form and sub­tle sym­bol­ism, I attempt to paint the human­i­ty with­in humans.”

Painting by Jacob Lawson

You’ve already experienced exhibiting your work to the public. What was that like?

Exhibit­ing my work was the best feel­ing as a painter. So many peo­ple came in and showed love, I could­n’t have been hap­pi­er with how it went. Any artist who has cre­at­ed a fair­ly sub­stan­tial amount of work should get in touch with a gallery because it’s pret­ty cheap and there are so many ben­e­fits to show­cas­ing your work exter­nal­ly to the public.”

What would you say to someone interested in a creative career like yourself?

I would undoubt­ed­ly rec­om­mend Col­lege for some­one who wants to grow their prac­tice and them­selves. The scaled-down class­es feel more per­son­al, which cre­ates a com­fort­able place to learn in.

This course has allowed me to learn about pro­fes­sion­al artists, not only through vis­i­tors but also through a cou­ple of my tutors, Tom and Julian, who are both prac­tis­ing artists them­selves. They have giv­en me so much great advice about the indus­try, both the pos­i­tives and the neg­a­tives which has enabled me to learn more about what I’d like to do in the future. 

I’ll will always strive to work with­in the cre­ative indus­try and this course has giv­en me the foun­da­tion need­ed to progress further.” 

Inter­est­ed in a cre­ative career like Jacob?