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Jacob — Fine Art Practice Foundation Degree

Jacob Lawson

I like how I’ve been able to get on with my own thing, whilst knowing I have the support of my tutors if I need it. 

Jacob — Fine Art — 

Having some doubts about studying at a big university, 20-year-old Jacob decided College was a better option to pursue his love of art and his desire to work within the creative industry.

With a passion for art firmly embedded from an early age, it wasn’t until Jacob sadly suffered loss within his family that it became more than just a hobby for him.

I’ve always liked art, but it never served as any real purpose to me through school. It wasn’t until I lost a couple of relatives that my years of studying art became a method of therapy that has healed my trauma greatly. 

Now my paintings have added passion, and I can paint in ways that move people, and allow people to stop and think. I have found that this is the most rewarding aspect. 

 — Jacob Lawson

So, why Nottingham College?

I initially chose the College because I didn’t like the idea of joining a large university. At College, many people were local to the area and really down to earth, plus there’s a really good balance of age and backgrounds which means there’s lots of different perspectives to draw upon. 

Another great benefit is the fact that there aren’t too many people in my class and this makes it so much easier to speak and get to know everyone; including my main tutor, Tom, who is excellent.

I like how I have been able to get on with my own thing, whilst knowing I have the support of the tutors if I need it.” 

Future plans

Honestly, my plans are hardly written out. I believe in following my gut, but using art as a therapy with young people, be that young offenders or young people with mental health issues, is something I’m very interested in.”

Can you tell us a bit about your artwork?

Painting by Jacob Lawson

My work is primarily acrylic painting on canvas, I like the use of people in my work to tell stories through the human perspective. Using colour, form and subtle symbolism, I attempt to paint the humanity within humans.”

Painting by Jacob Lawson

You’ve already experienced exhibiting your work to the public. What was that like?

Exhibiting my work was the best feeling as a painter. So many people came in and showed love, I couldn’t have been happier with how it went. Any artist who has created a fairly substantial amount of work should get in touch with a gallery because it’s pretty cheap and there are so many benefits to showcasing your work externally to the public.”

What would you say to someone interested in a creative career like yourself?

I would undoubtedly recommend College for someone who wants to grow their practice and themselves. The scaled-down classes feel more personal, which creates a comfortable place to learn in.

This course has allowed me to learn about professional artists, not only through visitors but also through a couple of my tutors, Tom and Julian, who are both practising artists themselves. They have given me so much great advice about the industry, both the positives and the negatives which has enabled me to learn more about what I’d like to do in the future. 

I’ll will always strive to work within the creative industry and this course has given me the foundation needed to progress further.” 

Interested in a creative career like Jacob?