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Freedom of Information

Nottingham College is committed to openness and transparency.

As a public sector organisation, it perceives no benefit in concealment except in issues concerning personal privacy and the wider public interest.

The college will publish, or otherwise make available, information about its performance, management, staffing, governance, finance, policies and procedures, which it may lawfully disclose.

Through a Publication Scheme, the college makes available a comprehensive range of documents used in, and describing, its business.

In addition the college will respond to individual requests for information outside its normal publishing scheme where these requests are fair and reasonable under the terms of the FOI Act.

If you wish to request information under the Act, please email our Freedom of Information Officer:

Where the college is unable to provide information to an enquirer, it will give an appropriate justification. The college will respond effectively to any complaints made under the provisions of the FOI Act.

If you are unhappy with the response from the college, then you have recourse to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Publication Scheme

About our Publication Scheme.

Internal review

Read the Freedom of Information Appeals Procedure.

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