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All college campuses are now open and have resumed face to face teaching for all students. A mix of face to face and online learning continues. — Read more

Policies and reports

A/AS Levels and GCSEs Policy for summer 2021

Policy and procedures for determining teacher assessed grades for GCSES and A/AS Levels in Summer 2021

Assessment and Quality Assurance Policies

The Internal Quality Assurance Guidelines have been produced to provide a point of reference for colleagues involved in assessment and internal quality assurance at Nottingham College.

Bursary Policy

The Bursary Policy sets out how bursaries are allocated.

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy

Details of Nottingham College's CEIAG Policy.

Complaints Forms, Policies and Procedures

Nottingham College's complaints policies, procedures and forms.

Continuing Professional Development Policy

This policy sets out Nottingham College’s commitment to the development of the workforce as an employer of choice and as an outstanding provider of education and training

COVID-19 - Refund Policy

The College recognises the disruption that has been caused by Coronavirus and is working to ensure all reasonable efforts are being made to enable students to continue their studies to the best of their abilities.

Data Breach Management Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to provide a framework for the containment of a data breach, to minimise risk, identify appropriate reporting mechanisms, and the identification of action(s) required to secure personal data and prevent any further breach

Data Protection

Details of our data protection policy, the use of cookies on our website and how we process/share your information.

Data Protection Policy

Nottingham College is committed to preserving the privacy of its staff and students, and to comply with the current Data Protection Legislation.

DBS Check and Ex-Offender Recruitment Policy

Nottingham College's policy for DBS checking and the recruitment of ex-offenders.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Details of Nottingham College's Environmental and Sustainability Policy

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