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Joe — Every­day English

Joe R Everyday English

Now I can start to read books with my young nieces and nephews. 

Joe — Every­day Eng­lish student

Joe says that over his life he’d had to just get by with­out ever real­ly learn­ing to read. He works nights as a secu­ri­ty offi­cer, and says he nev­er felt con­fi­dent with his reading.

But now he’s deter­mined to get there! 

56-year-old Joe had nev­er learned to dri­ve. He remem­bers some­one say­ing a few years back that he wouldn’t be able to, because his dyslex­ia would mean he could­n’t do the the­o­ry test. 

Support from his family

Joe’s fam­i­ly were deter­mined to sup­port him. As a result, he’s now passed his dri­ving test and is learn­ing to read for the first time with an Every­day Eng­lish com­mu­ni­ty course. 

Joe said: My wife sat me down and said let’s try and learn the the­o­ry test with a book. So we did! My step­son booked me in for a the­o­ry test, and I went along and passed first time! So, I went for some dri­ving lessons and passed my test.” 

Pass­ing my test encour­aged me to do sum­mat about my read­ing skills. So now I’m try­ing to learn to read.” 

To be hon­est with you I’ve always thought I was dyslex­ic, but now I’m hav­ing doubts because of how well I’ve got on with the course. I’m find­ing it ever so good to do, and I’m learn­ing so much from it. I real­ly do enjoy it. 

Now I can start to read books with my young nieces and nephews. 

 — Joe