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Kory - GCSE English (part-time)


I could do the course around my work with it being in the evening.

Kory - Part-time GCSE

Thirty-year-old Kory did a part-time GCSE English Language course at Nottingham College. He chose an evening course as he also had a full-time job.

Kory used the course to brush up on his skills, as professional development for his future.

He was hoping for a grade 4, as he never got his ‘C’ at school. But he did even better than that, achieving a grade 5!

I really wasn’t sure what grade I was going to get, but I got a grade 5 and I feel great now!

The tutor was very understanding. They know we’re adults coming back, and that we didn’t have to be there, and so they’ve treated us like adults.

- Kory

Kory explained that balancing full-time work with part-time study is a real commitment. But he feels that it’s worth it and the College staff are helpful.

They are supportive. For example I voiced that wasn’t very good at exams. They then gave me help and resources, so that I could practise and gain techniques.

- Kory
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