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Is an Apprenticeship for me?

Want to study and get paid at the same time? An apprenticeship could be the right route for you! Study for a nationally recognised qualification, whilst receiving on the job training and getting paid for it.

There’s never been a better time to start an apprenticeship with Nottingham College, with over 100 live vacancies we’re sure we can find the right role for you.

What can I expect from an apprenticeship?

All apprenticeship roles will vary depending on the area you choose, however you can expect your working day to be varied, stimulating and challenging.

You’ll be learning new skills, meeting people in a new environment and you might be working with colleagues or interacting with the general public for the first time.

Whatever your role, you’ll be working towards a shared goal- your personal success and the success of the business you work for.

Will I get paid?

Yes, all apprentices get paid. Your salary will depend on the industry you’re in, your age and experience and your employer.

If you’re aged 16-18 and/or a first year apprentice, your wage will be at least £4.30 per hour. As your skills develop, employers usually increase your pay.

If you are aged 19 or over, and have completed the first year of your apprenticeship, you will be eligible for the National Minimum Wage.

What does an apprenticeship cost?

Nothing to you. Apprenticeships are fully funded by the Government for those aged 16–18. If you’re over 19, your employer may have to pay a contribution.

Will I have holidays?

If you’re working full time, you’ll have a minimum of 20 days paid holiday, plus 8 bank holidays

What will I do at college?

You, your employer and Nottingham College tutors will develop a learning plan outlining the work you will do.

At college you will learn practical skills, as well as the theory behind them. Evidence of your work is collected in a portfolio and used to assess your achievements. For some apprenticeships, you also need to sit assessments which are either practical or written

A parent's guide to Apprenticeships

Want to ensure your son or daughter gets the best possible start in their career? In this guide we will provide all of the latest information about apprenticeships, what the key benefits are and how to apply.

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