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Jamie — IT Technical apprenticeship

I can’t thank everyone enough with all the support I have got. 

Jamie — IT Technical apprentice

32-year-old Jamie is on an IT Technical apprenticeship at Nottingham City Council with Nottingham College.

In 2019 Jamie was working in admin for a small company that sadly had to make redundancies. Having been made redundant, Jamie started looking for a new job. 

He found an apprenticeship vacancy at Nottingham City Council with Nottingham College advertised online. He wanted to develop his skills and work at the same time, so he went for it! 

He is going from strength to strength in his new career path. 

Why did you apply for this apprenticeship?

I had previously worked in the administration sector and I wanted a change of pace. IT has always been something I’ve enjoyed, and I wanted to get into the career sector of an IT technician. 

Luckily I saw a posting on Not​ting​hamjobs​.com and applied for the apprenticeship position. I instantly fell in love with the role and since then I have loved being in Schools IT and working with all of my colleagues.”

What does your apprenticeship involve?

I work for Nottingham City’s Schools IT. I help the team on a daily basis with a variety of different aspects of IT. For example, I’ve been helping the team do password resets for teachers and members of the Government.

I’ve also helped teachers with any system errors that come up and helped them free up space by converting files, by accessing their computers remotely.

Each morning I make sure that all system checks are made to ensure that my colleagues can get on with their jobs. 

The way we work is a bit different at the moment due to COVID-19, but in the future I will also get the chance to do more hands-on work. That will be things like upgrading systems, plus reimaging and updating the systems bios. ”

Did you get any support from Nottingham College?

Staff at Nottingham College supported me through my enrolment. With my Assessor’s help I have nearly completed my college course now. 

I can’t thank everyone enough with all the support I have got.”

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to people of all ages?

I am 32 years old, and personally I believe you can become a learner at any age! If you are willing to learn and want to develop new skills, I would highly recommend applying for an apprenticeship. 

With my current apprenticeship, I work closely with all my colleagues in the council. They have made me feel really welcome in the organisation. 

With everyone’s help and support, including my manager, Richard Phillips, I feel confident that my skills have grown further.”

Why do you love IT?

I have always enjoyed IT, right from when I was very young. From video games to technology shows, and even visiting computer stores, it’s always been a passion of mine.

I think IT and working from home go very well together. If you have the knowledge and experience to complete a job from home, then there is no stopping you!

In terms of the future, I recommend that everyone learns a basic understanding of IT

In this day and age, I think the majority of things are now done on a smartphone or a computer, so it’s a great chance to update your skills and potentially learn a lot more too.”