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Application Support

If you need help completing your online application to Nottingham College, don’t worry. Help is at hand

Find out how to complete your application form including your education history and and get some handy hints on how to complete a brilliant personal statement.

If you want to speak to someone about your application. Give us a call on 0115 9 100 100.

We have created two instructional videos taking you through the application process. You can find them here:

Q. I have forgotten my password how do I access my account?
A. Please click on ‘forgot your password’ to receive an email with a password reset link. You can reset your password here.

Q. I do not know my account username, how can I find this?
A. Your account username is usually the first part of the email address (before the @ symbol) used when first creating the account. For example, using an email address of would mean your username is john.smith. Your account username is not your full email address.

Q. I have not received a link to reset my password in my email inbox what do I do?
A. Please check your junk email inbox and ensure that you are using the email address that you registered your account with.

Q. I have received the password reset link but it is saying this has expired what do I do?
A. Please make sure that you have accessed the link within 30 minutes of receiving the email as it will expire after this time. Make sure you also only click on this link once, otherwise it will become invalid even if you haven't reset your password yet.

Q. I am receiving an error message when trying to log in with my email address “this account is associated to more than one user”
A. Please try logging in using your username which you would have received in your welcome email. This will usually be a 6 digit number.

Q. The system is not accepting my date of birth and I keep receiving an error stating ‘date of birth incorrect.
A. Please contact us on 0115 9100 100 or email so that we can confirm we have the correct date of birth on our system if our details are incorrect this could cause an error.

Q. I am unable to accept my offer for my course using the link on my account?
A. Please contact us on 0115 9100 100 or email so that we can accept the offer on your behalf.

If you are experiencing any other technical difficulties that are not listed or need any more information about your application please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help on 0115 9100 100 or email

It doesn’t matter what grades you have already achieved, what grades you think you’re going to achieve or if you have no grades at all.

The reason we want to know is so we can direct you to the most suitable course for you.

Are you currently in year 11 and taking your GCSEs?

We’ll need to know what you’re expecting to achieve after you’ve sat your exams in the summer. If you haven’t received your predicted grades from school yet or you’re unsure what they are, don’t panic – you can still apply for a course at Nottingham College. You can let us know what they are at a later date.

Have you completed your GCSEs and/or any other qualifications?

As part of your application, it’ll be great for us to know what you have already achieved. Please fill out the grades you currently have. That means any GCSEs, BTECs or NVQs that you have studied at school or college.

Have you left school and achieved no qualifications?

Don't worry, we'll assess what you're looking for and and work out whether it's the course for you. We may ask you to come in and speak to one of our Careers and Destinations Coaches - they'll be able to help you find the path that is right for you.

It's time to complete your personal statement. It can seem a little overwhelming, but don't worry, we're here to help.

It's not designed to be scary. We just want to know about you, why you want to study the course you're applying for and what makes you stand out from the crowd.

We’re so excited to you have through our doors that we want to know how amazing you are. Simple really! There is no right or wrong way to fill out your personal statement - no one is going to turn you away just because you haven’t written in a certain way. You don’t need to write reams and reams of pages, just a couple of concise paragraphs will do the trick. There will always be a place for you with us at our College. Your personal statement will simply just know where best to place you, that’s all. There’s nothing to worry about.

Here are some statements to help you along the way:

1. 'I am interested in studying this course because…'

Have a good think - take yourself off to a quiet spot somewhere and have a think about why you want to do this course. What sparks your interest? Do you have any career ideas? How will this course help to get you there? Or is it just that you really enjoy this particular topic? Whatever is it is tell us! We want to hear your passion and enthusiasm for this subject.

2. 'In school I enjoy learning about…'

Is there a particular subject or topic that you really like? Why do you enjoy it? What interests you about it?

3. 'Outside the classroom I…'

Have you taken part in an extra-curricular activity? Do you play a sport? Have you done any voluntary work or taken part in school events? Do you help around the house or look after younger brother and sisters?

4. 'Skills I have developed are…'

Are you good at working in a team? Are you good at solving problems? Or a you an amazing organiser? Think of times when you have put this skills to good use and tell us!