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Policies and reports

A group of students in a science lab wearing lab coats holding test tube during an experiment

Fees Policy

The Nottingham College Fees Policy sets out the general framework under which the college operates all aspects of the management of fees, including fee setting, collection, charges and refunds for the academic year 2020-21.

Financial Statements and Regulations

View the latest available Financial Statements, Regulations and Public Value Statements.

Fitness to Study Policy

Read more about our Fitness to Study Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

This policy sets out the College’s position in response to its responsibilities as a public authority under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Gender Pay Gap Statements

Nottingham College is committed to monitoring the profile of males and females within the lower quartile and the College’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee will look for opportunities to address the gender pay gap on an on-going basis.

HE Student Protection Plan

This Student Protection Plan outlines the supporting measures we have to protect you as a student at Nottingham College should the circumstance arise that there is a risk to the continuation of your studies with us.

Health and Safety Policy

This document is Nottingham College’s (the Corporation’s) Health and Safety Policy.

Health and Safety Statement

This policy states how Nottingham College ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of employees, students and visitors.

Higher Education Academic Appeals Procedure

Details of the Higher Education Academic Appeals Procedure

Higher Education Academic Governance Framework

Details of the Higher Education Academic Governance Framework.

Higher Education Academic Irregularities Policy

Details of the Higher Education Academic Irregularities Policy

Higher Education Access and Participation Plan

This access and participation plan will outline Nottingham College's commitments to widening access to higher education and to the principle that individuals with the potential to benefit from higher education should have the opportunity to do so.