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News: Did you know we’re now on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Logo
WhatsApp Logo

To help us communicate even better with our current, past and prospective students, we’re now using WhatsApp – the popular and widely-used instant messaging service.

We use an automated/​chatbot system which enables us to run a range of campaigns throughout the year to help us understand the impact we’re having on the life chances of our students.

Meet Jennie!

An example WhatsApp campaign sent by the college.
A typical WhatsApp campaign sent by the college may look something like this example.

The college’s WhatsApp chatbot, is called Jennie and she helps us:

  • Engage with our Open Event attendees.
  • Engage with our applicants.
  • Promote our enrolment events.
  • Engage with students to find out more about their time with us.
  • Make contact with former students to find out what they are up to now.

In WhatsApp messages, the message will often start with Hi [firstname]”, it’s Jenni here from Nottingham College” or similiar wording. In some cases the message may not use Jenni’s name directly.

Verifying our WhatsApp messages

The official Nottingham College WhatsApp business account details
Our official WhatsApp business profile can be verified by the following details, these are visible when tapping on the Nottingham College name from a WhatsApp message.

In the digital world we live in, it’s responsible to be cautious about the emails and messages you receive and engage with. However, please be assured that any WhatsApp messages sent to students from Jennie/​the college are indeed from us and are not spam/​phishing.

You can look for the green tick on WhatsApp against the Nottingham College name as a way to verify. Official messages from Nottingham College will always come from a verified official WhatsApp Business Account which the green tick indicates.

WhatsApp verification identifiers to look out for

As it is possible for others to try and impersonate Nottingham College on channels like WhatsApp, always look out for the following information when verifying our official WhatsApp business account.

Nottingham College sender name with green tick on WhatsApp

You can also tap on the sender name to reveal details about the sender.

The following details should be displayed when viewing this information.

Account Name:
Nottingham College (with green tick as above)
Phone number:
+44 7700 175288
: Education

Under this, our Adams Building campus address along with our website URL should be displayed.

Always look for these pieces of information to ensure the communication you have received is legitimate.

Received a text/SMS message from us?

If a WhatsApp message is sent to a mobile number which is not registered to WhatsApp, the message is sent through standard messaging/​SMS, this means it does not appear through WhatsApp and will not feature the verification information above.

Currently text messages that originate through our WhatsApp system will appear with the mobile number +447700175288 as the sender, this is the same number as our WhatsApp Business account we use, but does not display a friendly name currently.

You will only receive the SMS version of a WhatsApp message, if your mobile number is not registered for WhatsApp.

Nottingham College will also send messages through text/​SMS for other types of messages like appointment reminders or advising to update details on your student account, these will come from a different number or display a friendly name such as NottmColl”.

Not sure if the message you have received is from us?

If you have any concerns regarding a message received from the college, please get in touch or message us through our social channels, where we can provide information around official communications we have sent. Where possible providing a screenshot of the message received will help us quickly investigate and confirm the details.

Published on:
  • 22nd January 2024 (12:08 PM)
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