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News: It’s Deaf Aware­ness Week 4 – 10 May

Please note: This news story may contain information that is no longer current or up to date.
Deaf Awareness Week logo

It’s nation­al Deaf Aware­ness Week this week (4th to 10th May). The aim of the week is to raise aware­ness of the deaf­ness and hear­ing loss faced by 1 in 6 peo­ple in the UK, and the impor­tance of embrac­ing lan­guage, recog­nis­ing chal­lenges, and the cul­ture of deafness. 

Here at Not­ting­ham Col­lege, we have a spe­cial­ist Deaf Access team, who sup­port stu­dents and also pro­mote deaf aware­ness across the College. 

There are more than 10 mil­lion peo­ple in the UK who have some hear­ing loss, By 2035, it is esti­mat­ed that there will be 15.6 mil­lion peo­ple with hear­ing loss in the UK — that’s one in five. 

So, our Deaf Access team are encour­ag­ing staff and stu­dents to take this oppor­tu­ni­ty to learn a bit more about deaf­ness, and maybe even take few min­utes to learn a bit of basic British Sign Language. 

Here is the BSL Fingerspelling Alphabet, Can you work out what the letters below it are saying?

Fingerspelling Alphabet
Sign language image showing various movements
Phrase image generated on - a useful resource. (scroll down for answer)

How can I learn more?

The Nation­al Deaf Children’s Soci­ety has lots of use­ful infor­ma­tion, includ­ing this inter­est­ing arti­cle about what deaf­ness is.

If you’d like to make it eas­i­er for some­one with deaf­ness or hear­ing loss to com­mu­ni­cate, but you aren’t sure how, there are some sim­ple things you can do. The Nation­al Deaf Chil­drens Soci­ety has resources to help you. 

For exam­ple, for many peo­ple it can help if you speak clear­ly and face the per­son when you’re talk­ing to them. How­ev­er, every­one is dif­fer­ent, so don’t be afraid to ask the per­son what might help. Check out this com­mu­ni­ca­tion resource for more ideas. 

The UK Council on Deafness are the main organisers of the week, and they’ve shared these handy tips.

Deaf Awareness Week 2020 Poster 1 Image

Expand for their tips in text format

The UK Council on Deafness have these tips for when you meet a deaf person:

  • Face the person while you are speaking, don’t turn away
  • Speak clearly without shouting
  • Repeat yourself if necessary
  • Never say ‘It doesn’t matter’
  • If the person doesn’t understand you, don’t give up!
  • Write it down or draw a picture
  • Speak one at a time, don’t talk over each other
  • Keep your mouth visible
  • Smile and relax
  • Don’t speak too quickly or too slowly

Our cur­rent stu­dents can find out more about how to access sup­port on our stu­dent intranet. 

If you’re think­ing of apply­ing to study at Not­ting­ham Col­lege, we’re here to help and sup­port you too! 

Note: the answer to the fin­ger spelling clue was stay safe’.

Published on:
  • 6th May 2020 (11:07 AM)
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