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News: Supporting our students in lockdown

Please note: This news story may contain information that is no longer current or up to date.


As we reach the end of another week of lock down, it might seem as though it’s never going to end. But now is the time we really need to dig deep and keep doing the things we know make us feel better and avoid the things that make us feel worse.

As part of our wellbeing offer, we thought it might help our students to have a daily reminder of what they can do each day to help look after their mental and physical health. We are launching a mini wellness campaign on social media with ideas such as read a book’, take a walk’, listen to music’ — which we would love to hear your thoughts on – do you regularly try some of these things?, what helps you to feel good? and what can you suggest to others that might help them?

We also have our weekly Wellness Cafes available for a good chat over a cuppa – they are on teams on Tuesdays 4.30pm until 5.30pm and Wednesdays 3pm until 4pm. We cover loads of interesting topics such as self care, goal setting and motivation, coping with stress, building resilience and much more. The aim is to develop your communication skills and discover new ways to encourage healthy coping strategies leading to increased self esteem and confidence.

Remember it’s OK to not be OK. We all need a bit extra help and support now and then. For some people that’s talking to a friend or relative, for others it’s going on a power walk or snuggling up with a beloved pet, whatever makes you feel good, go for it! There’s loads of advice online, just scroll through instagram and have a look at accounts such as actionhappiness, psychologiesmagazine, happiful_​magazine or type happiness and wellbeing into the search bar and see what comes up! If you’re still stuck, click on this link for more ideas.

Support organisations we recommend if you’re really feeling you’ve tried to improve your mood but nothing is working are www​.kooth​.com for ages 12 – 25 — simply sign up, create a free, confidential account and go onto the instant chat for advice or to book an online counselling session or if you’re over 18, you might prefer www​.TrentPTS​.co​.uk — just give them a call or complete the self referral form and they will contact you as soon as possible with a counselling appointment. Don’t suffer alone, there are trained counsellors just waiting to help you, no problem is too big or too small for the to listen and help you. 

Joining in with our enrichment timetable is also a great way to stay active and connected with other Nottingham College Students while having a bit of fun or learning a new skills. 

See below for all the opportunities available and let us know if there are activities you would like to see made available.


We have been adding activities, workshops and societies for every student to take part in this term. Please remember to check your own timetable first and only sign up to things you will actually attend. Staff are more than welcome to join any of these sessions too!

STRAVA Lunar Challenge

We are straight into the next Strava challenge. This time it’s a Lunar challenge, meaning all colleges have to aim to collectively reach 238,855 miles before the end of February. Simply create a Strava account and join one or both of the clubs below. Open to staff and students! If you have taken part in the previous round the world challenge, then you don’t need to re-join — you are already in there! 

Join the Cycling club by clicking here

or join the Running club by clicking here

Notts County Foundation Focus Group

Notts County Football In The Community have rebranded. We have worked with them for several years to deliver some of our successful projects. They are looking 

for a small group of students from different backgrounds to give them feedback on what sort of projects young people want to do. You don’t have to even have an interest in sport to be on the focus group because they are much more than sport. If you have any questions or fancy being on the focus group, simply let us know. 

FIFA 21 Tournaments

Let’s start a FIFA 21 Tournament. Doesn’t matter if you are a gaming pro or a friendly player. Sign up to either the PlayStation or XBOX competition. The format will be decided when I get the number of sign-ups. Either reply to this email or sign up using the form link below. Competition starts Monday 18th January. 

DVSA Dyslexia User Research

We are looking for students who have dyslexia to take part in some user research for the DVSA with the national Driver Theory tests. If you take part in this research, you will be given a gift voucher for your time. To express your interest then just reply to this email. 

Free bikes from the Pythian Club

The Pythian Club have a number of bikes to give away to young people (Free of charge). There is no specific criteria for this but its first come first served. If you would like a free bike to get you around, into college when its back to normal or even just to keep fit over lockdown then please contact us and I will help make arrangements with Ben for you to collect it. 

Also coming up this week… 

· Quiz Night 

· UK Parliament How voting and Parliament works 

· Abuse in relationships workshop 

· My World My Home : Environmental Leadership Society 

· Driving Theory sessions 

· Positive Thinking (Recording)

· Army Careers (Recording)

· Virtual Yoga — Log In using your device, computer or a smartboard at college 

· Virtual Tai Chi — Log In using your device, computer or a smartboard at college 

· Wellness Cafe — wellness advice from our Wellbeing Co-Ordinator for Student Wellness NOW TWICEWEEK ON TUESDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS 

· New Student-led Green Society 


Staff and students can contact the wellbeing team to book onto events. 

Follow us on social media to keep up-to-date with the wellbeing offer available to you 

Facebook: NottmCollWellbeing. Twitter: @NCWellbeing Instagram: @NottmCollWellbeing

We will also be sharing a top tip for you to try during lockdown. We also want to hear your top tips too! 

For more information either follow us on social media or email wellbeing@​nottinghamcollege.​ac.​uk

Published on:
  • 14th January 2021 (10:15 AM)
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