Equality and diversity

Equality and diversity

Nottingham College is committed to diversity and equality of opportunity.

Equality and diversity at Nottingham College means that we respect your individual needs and will provide support and encouragement to allow all our students to reach their potential. We will celebrate diversity in everything that we do.

Full copies of the Nottingham College Equality and Diversity Policy are available in the links below. 

Equality objectives 

​Nottingham College’s core drive is to provide a supportive inclusive working and learning environment for all. The College has set its equality objectives which comply with legislative Public Sector Equality Duties and which provide performance indicators for all college operations. Objectives are to challenge discrimination and disadvantage; raise standards; and advance aspirations of all of our stakeholders. Our objectives are to:

  • Raise the achievement and success levels of different groups of students and work towards eliminating the gap in achievement between students with protected characteristics and those without
  • Ensure all teaching, learning and assessment promotes, advances and celebrates diversity and British Values 
  • Recruit, support and develop a diverse staff population which reflects and meets the needs of students and the community the college serves
  • Engage with students and stakeholders to improve student satisfaction for all groups and enhance the student experience
  • Support and enable access to learning for a diverse range of students

Equality Policy
Single Equality Scheme
Disability Statement

ncn and Central College merged on 8th June 2017 to form Nottingham College. Please see Nottingham College's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion documents below:

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report 2016

Every college policy is put through an Equality Impact Assessment (EIA). An EIA is a process designed to ensure that a policy, project or scheme does not discriminate against any disadvantaged or vulnerable people. You can access Nottingham College's EIAs by clicking on the files listed below:

Additional Learning Support Procedure EIA
Attendance and Punctuality Policy EIA
Basford Hall Redevelopment EIA
Basford Hall Curriculum EIA
Disciplinary Procedure EIA
Staff Development Policy EIA
Enrolment EIA
Email Protocol EIA
Environmental Policy EIA
Fees Policy EIA
Food Safety Policy EIA
Functional Skills Policy EIA
Grievance Procedure EIA
Health and Safety Policy EIA
Hucknall Closure
Individual Risk Assessment Policy EIA
Internal Communications Strategy EIA
Key Skills Policy EIA
LLDD Strategy Statement EIA
Off-site Activities Policy EIA
Recruitment and Selection EIA
Sustainable Construction Centre EIA
Whistleblowing Procedure EIA

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