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Private Exam Entry Service

General information

Unfortunately we do not accept entries with the Awarding Body CIE.

We cannot accept candidates for controlled assessment, coursework units, oral and practical units. However, if you have previously taken any of the above, and the specification(s) allows you to carry these marks forward, we will accept entries on any remaining unit(s).

If you are looking at a specification that does include any of the above units you may wish to contact the relevant awarding body to seek an alternative specification.

Functional Skills English

We can only enter for on-demand Functional Skills English exams if you have completed the speaking and listening component previously, and can provide us with evidence of this.

GCSE/IGCSE Maths and English

For Summer 2022 exams, we can no longer accept private candidates for GCSE and IGCSE Maths as we have now reached our capacity. There are a limited amount of places for GCSE and ICGSE English exams only.

We can only accept candidates for GCSE English if this is a re-sit and can carry forward a spoken endorsement mark.

Access Arrangements

Evidence of an assessment is required in order to request JCQ approval for exam access arrangements.

Previous evidence of an assessment at another centre cannot be accepted, unless the previous centre has an ‘established working relationship’ with Nottingham College. Please note Nottingham College do not currently have an established working relationship with any other centre.

If you would like to request an assessment, please request this in your initial enquiry. A member of our Learning Support Team will then contact you to discuss this further. A fee of £250.00 will be charged and must be paid in advance of the assessment.

For more information and guidance please see:

Series deadlines – we do not accept late entries

Examination series Entry opens Entry deadline
Examination series: Summer 2022 Exam Series Entry opens: 15th November 2021 Entry deadline: 28th January 2022
Examination series: On demand entries (Online AAT & Functional Skills) Entry opens: Entry deadline: Six weeks’ notice


Examination type Fee
Examination type: A Levels Fee: £100 per A Level exam
Examination type: GCSEs/i-GCSEs Fee: £70 per exam
Examination type: Functional Skills Fee: Maths (£100 per exam)
English (£70 per exam, reading/writing units availably only)
Examination type: AAT Fee: £100 per exam
Examination type: Other Fee: Enquiries dependant on specification

(e.g. 4 A Level exams will cost 4 x £100 = £400)

Please note all fees are non-refundable. These include the following fees – Awarding body registration fee(s); Invigilation fees; rooming costs and all administration and certification costs.

To make an enquiry please complete form below, once submitted we will endeavour to respond within 5 working days.

Exam service enquiry

(Multiple exams can be included on one form)

Please enter in the format of DD/MM/YYYY

e.g AQA; OCR or Pearson

e.g. November; January; Summer for GCSE; i-GCSE or A Level. Please specify preferred month of exam for Functional Skills/On-Demand exams.

e.g. iGCSE Biology.

e.g. 4BI0 – i-GCSE Biology. If you are unsure of a Functional Skills/On-Demand qualification code please type a description.

e.g 4BI0 01 & 4BI0 02 – i-GCSE Biology Unit 1 & 2. If you are unsure of a Functional Skills/On-Demand unit code(s) please type a description.

The information submitted through this form will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

If you require further information on what the Awarding Bodies offer, please see links to the below awarding bodies’ private candidate web pages:

AQA Private Candidates Information

OCR Private Candidates Information

Pearson Private Candidates Information

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