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How to collect your exam results

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This information was last updated on Friday 28th August 2020 at 12:01pm

As you know, the summer exam schedule for students did not take place this year, and the College has been working closely with awarding bodies and government to understand how exam results and course grades will be awarded this year and when.

We understand that these unprecedented times are unsettling, and we want to keep you informed.

How and when can you get your results?

This year, you will get your results online via the E-ILP, which is also available through the college’s student app, available on Apple iOS and Android.

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When are results being released?
Qualification Date Time
Qualification: AS and A Level grades Date: Thursday 13th August 2020 Time: 8:00 AM
Qualification: Level 3 qualifications Date: Thursday 13th August 2020 Time: 8:00 AM
Qualification: GCSE grades Date: Thursday 20th August 2020 Time: 8:00 AM
Qualification: Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications Date: Friday 28th August 2020 Time:

BTEC Level 1 and Level 2 results (Updated 28th August)

We are pleased to confirm that BTEC Level 1 and Level 2 results are now available through your E-ILP following on from Pearson completing their regrade process announced on the 20th August. You can read the full statement from Pearson on their website.

Other exam results

  • BTEC internally assessed qualifications which are pass/fail - 27th July to 3rd August.
  • Those following an adapted assessment will have a different timeline, dependent on students’ completion and verification dates.
  • Functional Skills grades are available from 3rd August 2020.

Any remaining results are being followed up by our exams and curriculum teams, please speak to your tutor for clarification in the first instance. Alternatively, please contact

Arrangements on results days

The College will not be open to students to collect results this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Instead all students are asked to log into their E-ILP to access their results. If you are unable to access your E-ILP please make contact with your tutor and we can arrange for your results to be issued to you another way. Instructions on how to access your E-ILP are available above.

Results and exam grading information

How are results decided?

The College submits all grades to the relevant exam boards. These grades are what our teachers have assessed as the outcome you would have achieved, had you sat your exam(s).

Our teachers have used coursework, mock exam results, assessments and general records of performance throughout the course to award a grade. Exam boards then check these submitted grades against a model designed by regulators, to ensure consistency and fairness.

The exam grading process

Nottingham College has submitted provisional (centre assessment) grade(s) and rank order(s) to the relevant awarding body in accordance with the Ofqual guidance on Awarding qualifications in summer 2020 and in line with the awarding body instructions.

The links below take you directly to student guides related to assessments and appeals:

To achieve fairness nationally, awarding bodies are putting these grades through a standardisation process to ensure grading standards are consistent across all colleges, schools and assessment centres. The rank order of candidates will not be changed but the final grades candidates receive may be different to the centre assessment grade.

On your statements of results (results slips) and certificates, final grades will be reported in the same way as in previous years.

Concerns about your results

At results time, Ofqual will be providing information for students that sets out how grades were calculated this year and the options available if you believe your result was not properly produced, including access to appeal. The National Careers Service Exam Results Helpline (Call 0800 100 900 or Text your name and the word ADVICE to 07766 413219) offers advice each year for students who have not received the results they had hoped for.

Ofqual will also make a helpline available to students and their parents or carers to talk about the appeals process and any other questions they may have about their results this summer.

Awarding bodies will also likely provide information for students about results. We will be adding any further guidance from Awarding bodies to this page so please check back here if you have any further queries.

If you have a concern about a grade you have been awarded, you can ask us to:

  • Check whether an error was made when submitting your centre assessment grade and rank order to the awarding body
  • Raise a complaint if you feel you have evidence of bias or that you were discriminated against; you could also pass such evidence on to the awarding body who could investigate for potential malpractice
  • Seek any information the awarding body holds in relation to how your final grade was calculated
  • Provide information about the opportunity to take an exam in the autumn series or in summer 2021

Appeal your results

The arrangements for awarding qualifications in summer 2020 state:

Candidates can appeal their grades through their centre if they feel the process this summer was not followed correctly in their case.

A candidate can:

Ask Nottingham College to appeal on their behalf to an awarding body if there is evidence that leads a candidate to believe:

  • The centre made an error when submitting a centre assessment grade or rank order information
  • An awarding body made a mistake when calculating, assigning or communicating a grade

Appeal against the centre’s decision:

  • Not to seek any information the awarding body holds that would be needed for an appeal; and/or
  • Not to appeal to the awarding body

However candidates cannot:

  • Appeal against their centre assessment grades and position in the rank order
  • Appeal in respect of the process or procedure used by Nottingham College in calculating your centre assessment grades and position in the rank order
  • Appeal directly in any respect to the awarding body (unless a private candidate)

We are currently awaiting Ofqual's updated appeals guidance since the government announcement and changes to now issuing the Centre Assessed Grades/Moderated Grade whichever is higher.

You can also read our exams appeals policy with further guidance and information on the process.

Exam resits

If you are interested in resitting an exam, we offer a private exam entry service for a range of exams including GCSE, A Level, Functional Skills, AAT and more. For more information on this service and how to enquire about being entered for a resit, please see our private exam entry service page.

​What wellbeing support is available?

Although getting your results can be an exciting time, it can also cause a lot of stress. Our Achievement Coaches will be on hand to offer our students support if they need it when they get their results. They will also be there in the weeks that follow if needed. Our team of mental health first aiders are on standby to provide virtual drop-in support too.

Other useful resources

Further government guidance

The UK Government has produced helpful guidance in the run up to Results Day.

We wish all our students the very best in the run up to exam results.