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Nottingham College, formerly Central College Nottingham and New College Nottingham was incorporated as a Further Education Corporation by the Further and Higher Education Act 1992. The statutory Instrument and Articles of Government detail the responsibilities of the Corporation and the Principal, and the composition and framework of the Governing Body. Governance is the way in which organisations are directed and controlled. The Governing Body determines the rules and procedures for making decisions on corporate affairs including the process through which the organisation’s objectives are set and performance monitored. The Corporation Standing Orders supplement the Instrument and Articles of Government.

The Governing Body or Corporation is responsible for the overall functioning of the College. Of particular importance is ensuring the quality of the teaching and learning experience at the College and within the wider community. In general terms the Corporation is also responsible for the financial health and strategic direction of the College. The duty of care to safeguard the College and its assets and account for the use of public funds are fundamental to the role of the Governing Body. The Corporation approves the College’s annual financial statements and the latest version of these financial statements can be found here.

The Corporation meets throughout the year to undertake its responsibilities and ensure the strategic aims of the college are met. The Instrument and Articles of Government require the Corporation to have an Audit Committee and a Search Committee working alongside the Corporation with terms of reference agreed by the Corporation. Each Committee has a membership made up of representatives of the Governing Body and report back to the Corporation on a regular basis.

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