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News: Nottingham College celebrates exceptional apprentices at the second annual Apprenticeship Awards

Apprenticeship Awards 2023
Apprenticeship Awards 2023

Nottingham College, a leading provider of apprenticeships and training programmes, hosted the highly anticipated Apprenticeship Awards ceremony at the prestigious Council House in Nottingham Market Square on Tuesday 23rd May 2023. The event recognised and celebrated the outstanding achievements of apprentices and the positive impact apprenticeships have on individuals, employers and society as a whole.

The Apprenticeship Awards showcased the dedication and success of apprentices in fields such as health and science, engineering, construction, hospitality and retail, as well as professional services and digital sectors. The awards also recognised the crucial role played by tutors, managers and employers in shaping the achievements of these apprentices.

Out of over 100 nominations received, the selection process proved to be highly competitive. Nottingham College congratulates all the winners and shortlisted candidates for their remarkable contributions and accomplishments. These individuals have not only transformed their own lives but have also made a significant difference in each of their fields.

The winners of the Apprenticeship Awards 2023, along with their respective awards and sponsors, are:

Apprentice Champion of the Year (sponsored by Lindleys Auto Centre) – David Sargeant

David Sargeant’s unwavering dedication, exemplified by his role as Chairman of the AutoRaise charity and Gemini ARC’s remarkable achievement of onboarding nearly 100 apprentices, sets him apart as a true champion of apprenticeships and a driving force behind Gemini’s commitment to nurturing young talent in the automotive industry.

David Sargeant

Experience of the Year (sponsored by Hospitality Guaranteed) – Anja Weaver

Anja Weaver received the Experience of the Year award for her exceptional support and mentorship. She goes beyond her role, assists in various departments and maintains professionalism while handling multiple responsibilities. Anja’s dedication, problem-solving skills and commitment to excellence make her indispensable to the team.

Anja Weaver

Large Employer of the Year (sponsored by Fix Auto) – Lee Marley Brickwork

Lee Marley Brickwork received the Large Employer of the Year award for their strong presence in both national and local construction projects, specialising in brickwork, scaffolding, stonework and system façades. They have demonstrated a commitment to progressive client relationships, industry best practices and providing comprehensive apprenticeship experiences. 

Their support to Nottingham College, including site visits, industry advisory board participation and immersive learning opportunities, has greatly enhanced the students’ understanding and knowledge of the construction industry.

Vicky Goudge Accepting Award on behalf of Lee Marley Brickwork

SME Employer of the Year (sponsored by Mindful) – Johns of Nottingham

Johns of Nottingham deserves the SME Employer of the Year award for their outstanding commitment to developing skilled Painters & Decorators through their apprenticeship programme. 

Their support for apprentices, the college and the wider sector is evident, with successful apprentices flourishing within the company and becoming industry ambassadors. Their generosity in providing training rooms, materials and industry advice further demonstrates their dedication to nurturing talent and advancing the sector.

Tutor of the Year (sponsored by Gemini ARC) – Steve Richards

Steve Richards deserves the Tutor of the Year award for his unwavering dedication to his learners’ success. He goes above and beyond by organising extra sessions, supporting less experienced tutors and staying up-to-date with qualifications across trade areas. Steve’s exceptional communication, mentorship and willingness to share his extensive skills make him a true educator and a respected figure in the Construction department.

Steve Richards

Automotive, Engineering, and Manufacturing Apprentice of the Year (sponsored by Steer Automotive Group) – Balazs Bekesi

Balazs Bekesi’s remarkable journey from having no prior industry knowledge to excelling in his training showcases his eagerness to learn and exceptional ability to grasp concepts. 

His consistent delivery of high-quality work, proactive approach in seeking additional responsibilities and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and supporting his peers make him an outstanding candidate for the prestigious

Automotive, Engineering and Manufacturing Apprentice of the Year award.

Automotive, Engineering, and Manufacturing Apprentice — Judges Special Recommendation – Dominic Everington

Dominic Everington’s hard work, collaboration skills and dedication to learning have earned him the Automotive, Engineering, and Manufacturing Apprentice of the Year award. 

His competence and productivity in the workplace, coupled with his success in competitions such as the WorldSkills Qualifier and UK Final, have not only made him a source of pride for his team and company but also secured him a place in the WorldSkills Squad, representing the UK in the WorldSkills Competition in Lyon 2024.

Dominic Everington

Construction Apprentice of the Year (sponsored by Oakfield Construction) – George Glenny

George Glenny, an exemplary apprentice in the construction industry, is a deserving recipient of the Construction Apprentice of the Year award. Despite his numerous responsibilities outside of work, he displays unwavering dedication to his education, mentors colleagues on-site and consistently goes above and beyond to help others, making him a remarkable asset to Oakfield and a source of pride for his family.

Glenny George

Construction Apprentice — Highly Commended — Kiera Gee

Kiera Gee received the Highly Commended Construction Apprentice award due to her outstanding work, dedication and positive impact on both her class and her company. Despite being the only female in a male-dominated environment, Kiera consistently produces exceptional work, demonstrates problem-solving skills and serves as a positive role model for young women in the construction industry.

Kiera Gee

Health, Science and Care Apprentice of the Year (sponsored by Nottingham University Hospitals) – Natalie Durose

Natalie Durose is a truly deserving recipient of the Health, Science, and Care Apprentice of the Year award. She displayed unwavering determination, positivity, and commitment to her learning, demonstated by her Natalie’s promotion to Team Leader, acquisition of additional qualifications, and dedication to supporting new staff demonstrate her kind-heartedness, resilience, and drive to continually develop and excel in the health and care field.

Natalie Durose

Professional Services and Digital Apprentice of the Year (sponsored by Mojatu Foundation) – Connor Orange

Connor Orange is a fantastic recipient for the Professional Services and Digital Apprentice of the Year award. In just four months, he has shown exceptional improvement, excelling in various areas such as administration, social media, support work and management. Connor’s dedication, efficiency and positive impact on the organisation make him a true standout and a valuable asset to the team.

Connor Orange

Hospitality and Retail Apprentice of the Year (sponsored by Park Plaza Nottingham) – Alfie Akers

Alfie Akers is an exceptional candidate for the Hospitality and Retail Apprentice of the Year award. In just a year, he has surpassed expectations, outshining experienced chefs with his talent, work ethic and leadership abilities. Alfie’s commitment to excellence and passion for his craft make him highly deserving of this recognition.

Alfie Akers

Overall Apprentice of the Year (sponsored by Tuckwell & Co) – George Glenny

Glenny George

For me, when looking at the criteria of the apprentice of the year, I did not want to be blinkered by attendance, handing work in on time or the mark given, even though George has excelled. I wanted to look at everything; the effort, the environment they work in, if they are a team player, what they do for others and the human being. George Glenny embodies every one of these and more. I am proud to have him working at Oakfield and I am sure he makes his family proud every day. 

 — Oakfield

The highlight of the evening was the announcement of George Glenny as the Overall Apprentice of the Year. George’s exemplary work in the construction industry and commitment to excellence earned him this prestigious title.

Nottingham College would like to express its sincere gratitude to the event’s generous sponsors, including Gemini ARC, Fix Auto, Hospitality Guaranteed, Mindful, Nottingham University Hospitals, Oakfield, One File, Steer Automotive Group, Park Plaza Nottingham, Mojatu Foundation, Tuckwell & Co and Lindleys Auto Centre. Eastwood Hall sponsored the event’s drinks, while Trophy Master provided the winners’ trophies.

The support and contributions of these sponsors played a vital role in the success of the Apprenticeship Awards 2023 and we commend their dedication to empowering individuals and fostering the growth of the workforce.

The Apprenticeship Awards 2023 served as a platform to celebrate the exceptional talent and success of apprentices and their invaluable contribution to society. Nottingham College congratulates all the winners and shortlisted candidates, extending our best wishes for their continued success in their future endeavors.

Published on:
  • 23rd May 2023 (11:00 PM)
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