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Our Apprenticeship commitment

Apprentices can expect to develop skills which are appropriate to the strand of the sector in which they are working.

Our programmes are based on the most appropriate standard but also include additional enhanced learning opportunities in order to develop specific skills required to effectively fulfil their role. These differ within programmes and are tailored to the individual employer and apprentice requirements. Workplace culture and ethos are built into programmes in order to ensure that in addition to the core technical development. Personal, social and behavioural development is also inbuilt to ensure development is cross cutting and appropriate to the participants.

Where there is a need for students to meet sectoral, legislative or licensing requirements these are built into the programme to ensure that at point of achievement they are able to fully operate within their role without any immediate additional development. 

At point of commencement students intended outcome is to develop a career within the sector remaining in continued employment with the same employer beyond the end of their programme and then to either progress to the next apprenticeship level or to transition into the advanced learning programme that is delivered by the vehicle manufacturer that their role is affiliated to. These ongoing programmes take them to L4 and beyond and are sector/​role specific. 

All programmes are tailored to meet the requirements of the standard including Maths, English and ICT. These subjects are delivered discreetly to ensure the delivery meets individual requirements and styles but in addition are embedded into the main technical curriculum to contextualise to the role that is being undertaken. 

Advice and guidance is given throughout the learning journey both formally at step on/​off points and also during progress reviews. 

Personal and social development is supported by participation in team building activities. Individual development is supported by the pastoral function of their designated skills trainer, in company mentor and pastoral officer within the residential accommodation. The well-being team offer drop in sessions to further support individual needs. 

A culture of college is an extension of work’ is engendered within the campus and apprentices are integrated with adult professional learners which promotes a business like environment. 

Teaching and Learning is approached in a blended manner. In addition to traditional classroom/​workshop theoretical/​practical learning apprentices have access to e‑learning platforms to support technical and academic development. 

A rigorous IAG process is undertaken to ensure candidates are placed appropriately and the correct level of support is made available from the start of the programme. 

Fundamental British Values and other key themes are actively promoted within the curriculum and apprentices are encouraged to express their views in an appropriate manner, attitudes and bias’s are challenged in a manner that benefits the learning experience not only for the individual but also their peers. 

Apprentices rapidly develop skills that are appropriate for effectively undertaking their chosen role and are able to undertake activities that are well ahead of minimum expectations.