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eduroam — secure Wi-Fi


The eduroam wire­less net­work ser­vice allows WiFi access for staff/​students and vis­i­tors to Not­ting­ham Col­lege from oth­er par­tic­i­pat­ing institutions.

How do I connect?

To con­nect to the eduroam ser­vice whilst at Not­ting­ham Col­lege, please ensure that your device has been set up cor­rect­ly before your vis­it. Your home insti­tu­tion IT Sup­port ser­vice should be able to assist with the required configuration.

  1. Go to Wi-Fi set­tings on your device 
  2. Select the Wi-Fi net­work eduroam’
  3. When prompt­ed, enter your Not­ting­ham Col­lege user­name fol­lowed by your password
  4. Accept any mes­sage regard­ing certificates/​trust if prompt­ed by your device

Vis­i­tors will need to enter their home insti­tu­tion user­name and pass­word in order to con­nect to the eduroam ser­vice if these cre­den­tials are not already cached on your device. The user cre­den­tials sup­plied by your device must iden­ti­fy your home insti­tu­tion e.g. jane.​smith@​examplecollege.​ac.​uk would iden­ti­fy user jane.smith from Exam­ple Col­lege.

You should only need to authen­ti­cate once using your home insti­tu­tion cre­den­tials and after that you’ll auto­mat­i­cal­ly con­nect to eduroam every time. You will need to repeat these steps if you change your col­lege password.

If you encounter any prob­lems with eduroam Wi-Fi at Not­ting­ham Col­lege, con­tact our IT helpdesk on 0115 912 5555.

​What is the eduroam wireless network?

The eduroam ser­vice also allows users who are work­ing away from their home insti­tu­tion to use local Wi-Fi facil­i­ties if their home insti­tu­tion is also part of the eduroam network. 

An organ­i­sa­tion can take part in the eduroam ser­vice through being a Home’ insti­tu­tion, a Vis­it­ed’ insti­tu­tion, or both: 

  • a Home’ insti­tu­tion pro­vides authen­ti­ca­tion for its users when they wish to access inter­net facil­i­ties at a par­tic­i­pat­ing Vis­it­ed’ organisation
  • a Vis­it­ed’ insti­tu­tion per­mits mem­bers of oth­er organ­i­sa­tions to use its inter­net facil­i­ties whilst on site using their Home’ insti­tu­tion credentials 

Not­ting­ham Col­lege par­tic­i­pates as a Home’ and Vis­it­ed’ institution.


For the lat­est infor­ma­tion about where eduroam is avail­able in the UK, vis­it JANET roam­ing loca­tions.

For infor­ma­tion about where eduroam is avail­able glob­al­ly, vis­it the eduroam web­site.

Terms of use

If you choose to con­tin­ue to the eduroam net­work, you are agree­ing to com­ply with and be bound by the fol­low­ing terms and con­di­tions of use. If you dis­agree with any part of these terms and con­di­tions, you may not continue.

  1. Your use of any infor­ma­tion or mate­ri­als on sites you access is entire­ly at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable. 
  2. You agree that, though this por­tal, you will not per­form any of the fol­low­ing acts: 
    1. Attempt to access devices or resources to which you have no explic­it, legit­i­mate rights 
    2. Copy, repro­duce, or trans­mit any copy­right­ed files or infor­ma­tion oth­er than in accor­dance with the require­ments and allowances of the copy­right hold­er — Launch net­work attacks of any kind includ­ing port scans, DoS/​DDoS, pack­et floods, replays or injec­tions, ses­sion hijack­ing or inter­cep­tion, or oth­er such activ­i­ty with mali­cious intent 
    3. Trans­mit mali­cious soft­ware such as virus­es, Tro­jan hors­es, and worms 
    4. Sur­rep­ti­tious­ly install soft­ware or make con­fig­u­ra­tion changes to any device or appli­ca­tion, by means of the instal­la­tion or exe­cu­tion of key log­gers, reg­istry keys, or oth­er exe­cutable or active appli­ca­tion or script 
  3. You agree that you will use the access pro­vid­ed here respon­si­bly and with full regard to the safe­ty, secu­ri­ty, and pri­va­cy of all oth­er users, devices, and resources. 
  4. You agree that you will be mind­ful of the cul­tur­al sen­si­tiv­i­ties of oth­ers while using this por­tal so as not to pro­voke reac­tion or offence, and that you will not inten­tion­al­ly access porno­graph­ic, graph­i­cal­ly vio­lent, hate­ful, or oth­er offen­sive mate­r­i­al (as deemed by us) regard­less of oth­ers’ sensitivities. 
  5. You under­stand that we reserve the right to log or mon­i­tor traf­fic to ensure that these terms are being followed. 
  6. You under­stand that unau­tho­rised use of resources through this por­tal may give rise to a claim for dam­ages and/​or be a crim­i­nal offence. 
  7. In addi­tion to the terms and con­di­tions con­tained with­in the Col­lege Accept­able Use Pol­i­cy users are also bound by the JANET Accept­able Use Pol­i­cy. A copy of this pol­i­cy can be found on the JANET web­site.

eduroam(UK) policy

The eduroam(UK) pol­i­cy can be found on the JANET website.

You can find out more infor­ma­tion about the eduroam ser­vice on their web­site eduroam​.org.