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Fre­quent­ly Asked Questions

As a par­ent or car­er, we know you will want to know more about work place­ments, so we have put togeth­er this handy list of fre­quent­ly asked questions.

What checks are completed by Nottingham College before work placements are approved?

The Nottingham College Work Placement Team complete a structured Pre-Placement Employer Check with all employers before placement occur.

The check list includes multiple items to ensure the employers provide a safe and suitable environment and placement for our students.

Will a member of College staff check my child has arrived at their work placement every day?

On the first day of placement Nottingham College’s Work Placement Team will contact both the student and the employer to check how the first day is going and answer any additional questions.

Both the student and employer will have the contact details for the member of staff in the Work Placement Team and will be asked to keep them updated with any changes during the placement.

If for any reason the student cannot attend placement that day they must let the work placement team know so we can log their absence.

Will a member of College staff visit my child at the employer’s premises during the work placement?

If it is an extended placement (340 hours), yes - the student will have welfare checks to ensure they are getting on well in their placement and to also carry out reviews with the student and employer to ensure they are gaining suitable knowledge from the role to support their studies and career progression.

If it is a traditional 30 hour placement then, no.

How will my child catch up on the work they’ve missed whilst they’re out on work placement?

This will be a discussion between the student and their tutor(s) and the relevant support will be put in place to support any missed learning.

Will a work placement interfere with my child’s studies?

Work Placements are an essential component of your child’s course at College. Rather than interfere with their studies, work experience in a related field often enhances the learner experience, giving them valuable employability skills, industry experience and a reference.