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Travel, Tourism and Aviation

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If you have a great passion for holidays, countries and aviation and would like to work within a profession that involves the things you love, then we have the right courses for you!

The travel, tourism and aviation industries are one of the fastest growing sectors of the UK economy, employing more people worldwide than other industries. So, it’s definitely worth selecting a course which can help propel you into the exciting and employable career, that you want.

Choosing Nottingham College to study one of our enterprising courses is certainly a good decision as we’ve earned a good reputation for offering high quality courses - aimed at getting you a place at university or starting a career in the industry.

We have industry standard teaching and high quality resources, equipment and facilities - all designed to ensure you can fly high in your chosen career. For example, we have a mock airline cabin which gives our students the chance to learn practical in-flight skills with their feet firmly on the ground.

Our excellent links with employers mean that businesses regularly contact us to encourage our students to apply for vacancies. Some even guarantee job interviews for those with 90% attendance or above, with many going on to secure a job. Recent guest speakers have included cabin crew from airlines including Thomas Cook, Virgin and EasyJet plus staff from Swissport and the RAF.

Our courses involve a range of study visits, field trips and fundraising activities alongside classroom learning. You will also get a chance to go on a residential study trip in the UK, Europe, or maybe even further afield!


We offer a variety of courses at Nottingham College, ranging from Level 1 to University Level.

Careers in Travel, Tourism and Aviation

At Nottingham College, we have the expertise, connections and support available to ensure you can thrive in an exciting and competitive career.

There are a vast number of career options in the industry – whether you would like to be part of an Air Cabin Crew, an Air Traffic Controller, an Airport and Airline Operative, a Cruise Ship Steward, a Hotel Manager, a Resort Representative, a Tour Guide or a Travel Agent – there are many choices available to you.

Did you know?

  • Britain will have a tourism industry worth over £220 billion by 2025 – just under 10% of UK GDP and supporting almost 3.8 million jobs - which is around 11% of the total UK employment figures.
  • The travel, tourism and aviation industry now supports around 277 million people in employment – that’s 1 in 11 jobs on the planet!
  • Air Cabin Crew members can earn between £12,000 - £30,000 per annum
  • The average Travel Agent salary is over £20,000.
  • Tourism Officer entry level salary can be in the region of £19,000.
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Tourism Management (International Tourism) Foundation Degree (Level 5) - Full-time

This course is ideal if you are looking for a senior management role in tourism management. This includes areas such as travel operations, tour operations, public sector tourism and tourism development.

Tourism Management (International Tourism) Foundation Degree (Level 5) - Part-time

This course is ideal if you are looking for a senior management role in tourism management. This includes areas such as travel operations, tour operations, public sector tourism and tourism development.

Travel and Tourism (Level 1) - Full-time

This course is perfect if you love the world of travel, have a passion for customer service and enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces.

Travel and Tourism (Level 2) - Full-time

If you want to establish your career in the travel and tourism industry then this is the course for you.

Travel and Tourism (Level 3 Extended Diploma) - Full-time

Getting you fully immersed in the travel sector, this course will put you at the heart of the travel and tourism industry.

Travel and Tourism (Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma) - Full-time

This course is perfect if you love travel and want to have a career in helping people to make the most of their holidays.

Aviation Operations (Level 3) - Full-time

This course is perfect if you enjoy providing great customer service and you’d like a career in the aviation industry.

The Aviation Environment (Level 2) - Full-time

This course is perfect if you’d like to offer great customer service to people flying to far-flung destinations. You’ll learn the importance of health and safety, the rules and regulations of aviation safety, the language of aviation communication, airport services…

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