The Ruddington campus is home to EMTEC. The focus here is on raising standards, competence and professional recognition of individuals engaged in the global automotive industry.

Situated south of Nottingham, it is the centre to a vast range of training covering 100 years of automotive technology from the restoration of war vehicles through to modern hybrids. In addition, EMTEC also has a large footprint in vehicle accident repair.

The leading training facilities are the perfect facilitator for Apprentices, as well as fulfilling professional training needs for upskilling or learning a new technology/repair method. College staff and employees of the top manufacturers work hand in hand to produce training of the highest calibre in real life scenarios. Presently, there are over 600 apprenticeship programmes facilitated through the campus.

Leading automotive brands currently based here include KIA Motors UK. KIA selected the location to be their UK National Academy for adult training and apprenticeships. In addition, Hyundai utilise Ruddington as their regional centre serving the training needs of staff across the dealerships in the Midlands and North.

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